• Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

Accessibility Statement

Welcome to the Accessibility Statement of Israel News Pulse. We are dedicated to ensuring that our website is accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities. This policy outlines the measures we have put in place to provide an inclusive and accessible online environment.

1. Accessibility Standards Our goal is to adhere to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 AA as closely as possible. These guidelines are developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and outline the best practices for making web content more accessible to people with disabilities.

2. Accessibility Features We have incorporated various features to enhance the accessibility of our website. These include:

2.1 Text Alternatives: We provide alternatives for non-text content, such as images, to make it accessible for people using screen readers.

2.2 Keyboard Navigation: We ensure our website can be fully navigated using the keyboard alone for individuals who are unable to use a mouse.

2.3 Text Size: We have a feature to adjust the font size of the text to make it easier for individuals with visual impairments to read.

2.4 Color Contrast: We use high-contrast color combinations to enhance readability for users with visual impairments.

2.5 Closed Captions: Videos on our site include closed captions to facilitate understanding for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing.

3. Continuous Improvement We acknowledge that accessibility is an ongoing effort, and we are continuously working to improve the accessibility of our website. We actively seek feedback to understand the areas where we can enhance our accessibility efforts.

4. Accessibility Concerns and Feedback If you encounter any issues related to accessibility on our website or if you have suggestions for improvement, we encourage you to contact us at [email address]. We value your feedback and are committed to providing a user-friendly experience for all our visitors.

5. Changes to this Statement We may update our Accessibility Statement from time to time. Please review this page periodically for any updates.

Thank you for choosing Israel News Pulse. We are devoted to making our content and services accessible to all, because we believe that information should be universally accessible, regardless of any disability or impairment.