• Wed. May 29th, 2024

Israeli Resident Daniel Amram Exposes Anti-Israel Twitter User

May 2, 2024

Exposing The Fake News Propagator

In a groundbreaking revelation, Israeli resident Daniel Amram has exposed a notorious Twitter user for disseminating fake news and anti-Israel propaganda. Operating under a pseudonym, this individual has amassed a substantial following by spreading misinformation about Israel, attracting millions of views.

Amram’s investigation uncovered evidence linking the Twitter user to the propagation of false narratives aimed at defaming Israel. Confronted with the irrefutable proof, the individual pleaded for anonymity but did not contest the allegations.

Consequently, efforts are now underway to negotiate with the individual to cease their harmful actions, which have been financially lucrative. Further developments regarding the outcome of these negotiations are eagerly anticipated, promising potential implications for the future of online information dissemination.

Potential ICC Arrest Warrants are Antisemitic – Netanyahu

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has condemned the International Criminal Court (ICC) for allegedly considering the issuance of arrest warrants against notable Israeli officials, including himself. The prime minister expressed that eighty years after the Holocaust, international bodies established to prevent another genocide are contemplating denying the Jewish state the right to self-defense against those intending to commit genocide against them. 

He described it as an absurdity and a distortion of justice and history. The reported move by the ICC comes amidst ongoing conflict and humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip, with allegations of breaches of international law levied against Israel.  Netanyahu claimed that if the court gives arrest warrants targeting high-ranking Israelis for war crimes, it would be an indelible stain on all of humanity and an unprecedented antisemitic hate crime.

Achieving War Objectives

Furthermore, Netanyahu accused the ICC of deliberately aiming to paralyze Israel’s political and military leadership. Hence, he reiterated that no decision, whether in The Hague or elsewhere, would deter Israel from achieving its war objectives.

Among these objectives are rescuing Israeli hostages, ousting Hamas from power in Gaza, ensuring no threat remains in the region, and stabilizing Israel’s northern borders. Netanyahu defended the actions of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), stating that Israel operates one of the most moral armies in the world. 

He criticized Hamas for using civilian areas to shield its weapons and terrorists, leading to civilian casualties, while Israel has been facilitating humanitarian assistance to Gaza. Netanyahu called on world leaders to oppose the reported plan by the ICC, warning that it would not only undermine Israel’s right to self-defense but also affect the rights of democracies worldwide.

Diplomatic Pushback 

Reports indicate opposition from US Congress members to ICC’s investigations targeting high-ranking Israelis, with warnings of retaliatory measures. White House Spokesman Jack Kirby reiterated the US opposition to ICC’s investigations against Israel while also condemning threats against the court’s judges.

Foreign Minister Israel Katz emphasized Israel’s adherence to international laws of war and warned of consequences, including a surge in antisemitism if the ICC proceeds with arrest warrants. Thus, Katz has instructed Israel’s diplomatic missions worldwide to prepare for such eventualities.