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Abdullah Akl – a Threat to the Jewish Community and Society as a Whole

Apr 10, 2024

Abdullah Akl

Abdullah Akl is a fervent purveyor of rabid Jew-hatred, whose vocal support for terrorism, intifada, and disdain for Zionists is matched only by his calls for the destruction of Israel. As a prominent figure within the violent organization ‘Within Our Lifetime,’ led by our 2020 ‘Antisemite of the Year’ Nerdeen Kiswani, Akl spearheads anti-Israel and anti-American activism. Notorious for targeting young Jewish cancer patients and orchestrating violent protests that disrupt major streets and transportation hubs across New York City, Akl embodies a dangerous brand of extremism taking over the U.S.

Not surprisingly, as of January 2024, Akl’s LinkedIn profile indicated that he had been engaged in contract work as a “Field & Digital Organizer” since February 2020 for MPower Change, a “Muslim digital advocacy organization” founded by anti-Israel activist and former ‘Antisemite of the Week’ Linda Sarsour.

Nerdeen Kiswani & Abdullah Akl Host Palestinian Rally for ‘Within our Lifetime’

Extreme Jew Hatred

Examples of Abdullah Akl’s extreme Jew hatred include: On May 30, 2021, Abdullah Akl shared to Instagram: “Students, Faculty, and Community Organizations are sending a clear message to CUNY: Zionism out of CUNY!”

Several weeks later, Akl led anti-Israel protestors with chants: “ZIONISM IS TERRORISM” and “GLOBALIZE THE INTIFADA” and “Judaism yes, Zionism no! The state of Israel must go!”

On September 3, 2021, Akl was filmed shouting alongside anti-Israel protestors, “Five, Six, Seven, Eight! Smash the settler Zionist state!”

At the same riot, Akl and Nerdeen Kiswani chanted, “It is right to rebel! Israel go to hell!” and “Hey Hey! Ho Ho! Zionism has got to go!”

In January 2022, Akl shared a photo of himself alongside a sign that read, “FREEDOM FOR HISHAM ABU HAWASH,” a reference to a Palestinian convicted terrorist for Islamic jihad.

Calls To Strike Tel Aviv

In April 2024, Akl was recorded at a Palestinian rally in Central Park, where he called for the deaths of Jews. He chanted, “Ya Abu Obaida, ya habib, udrub udrub Tel-Aviv!” (Abu Obaida, my love, strike, strike Tel Aviv). Abu Obeida is the official spokesperson for the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas.

Please Email Harvard to Complain About Him

Abdullah Akl poses a threat not only to the Jewish community but to society as a whole. Someone advocating for terrorism and supporting terror organizations should not be enrolled in one of the nation’s most prestigious universities. Please email Harvard and urge them to conduct an investigation and sever ties with Akl due to his connections to terrorism and association with antisemitic groups.