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Newly Released Footage Reveals the Harrowing Kidnapping of Yarden Bibas

Apr 18, 2024
Newly Released Footage Reveals the Harrowing Kidnapping of Yarden Bibas

The Video Abduction of Bibas

New footage has emerged shedding light on the abduction of Yarden Bibas, husband of Shiri Bibas and father of Kfir and Ariel, who remains among the youngest hostages held by Hamas in Gaza. The footage captures the distressing moments of Bibas’s capture by Hamas terrorists on October 7.

In the two footage, Bibas has blood streaming down his face as his captors navigated through a tumultuous crowd surrounding the motorcycle on which he was held captive. Amidst the chaos, the captors brandish a pistol to intimidate the onlookers while a person wearing a press vest stands nearby. Another individual is seen holding Bibas in a headlock, further emphasizing the violence and coercion involved in the abduction.

Israeli Children As Part of Hamas Hostages

Compounding the tragedy, Bibas’s sons, Kfir and Ariel, remain among the youngest hostages held by Hamas in Gaza. Kfir, a one-year-old, and his four-year-old brother, Ariel, have been subjected to the horrors of captivity, with Hamas alleging their demise.

However, these claims remain unverified by independent sources amidst a backdrop of past misinformation disseminated by terrorist organizations regarding the status of hostages. Also, conflicting reports regarding Yarden Bibas’ well-being have emerged from Hamas.

The terrorist group has released videos featuring Bibas reading scripts stating the alleged deaths of his wife and sons. The credibility of these claims remains questionable, highlighting the continued suffering inflicted by the Bibas family at the hands of Hamas.

Footage of Israeli Hostage Noa Argamani’s Abduction

Meanwhile, there’s another footage showing 26-year-old Israeli citizen Noa Argamani being forcibly abducted during the Supernova music festival in Gaza. The clip depicted her distressing cries while being manoeuvred onto a motorcycle, her head forcibly covered with a black bag, further intensifying her anguish.

This recent footage follows earlier glimpses into Argamani’s captivity, including a video where she was seen pleading for her life while being transported on a motorcycle behind a Hamas captor during the festival massacre. Later footage, released by the terrorist organization, depicted Argamani in Gaza, with a disturbing glimpse into her unclear situation.

Accordingly, Argamani’s family, especially her mother, Liora (who is suffering from stage-four brain cancer), has openly expressed their distress and appealed for her safe return. Liora’s video message depicted the depth of her anguish as she pleaded to be reunited with her daughter before it became too late.

Since her abduction, there has been scant information about Noa’s well-being or potential avenues for her safe return. In mid-January, Hamas released a distressing video of Noa in captivity, visibly weakened, as she spoke of fellow hostages lost to airstrikes and implored Israel for their release.