• Wed. May 29th, 2024

Lebanon’s militant Hezbollah group has, in its Saturday, November 4 update, declared that it would introduce sophisticated weapons as it battles the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). The statement indicated that Hezbollah would not hesitate to launch missiles with heavy warheads from the north amid the ongoing fighting in Gaza

Hezbollah’s Nasrallah Warns of Using Powerful Weapons

Hezbollah’s leader, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, indicated that it would intensify its attacks along the Lebanon-Israel border. He disclosed that Hezbollah fighters were introducing powerful weapons against the Israeli troops, reiterating that it would leverage the tense frontier to exert pressure against Israel. 

Nasrallah declined the United States’ stance regarding the Israel-Hamas war, indicating that it is the single country with the capability to stop and thwart the IDF offensive strikes within the Gaza Strip. Surprisingly, the militant’s group leader indicated that the US has failed in such a mandate.

Nasrallah disclosed the attacks targeting the US troops in Syria and Iraq as exceeding 40 rockets. Other attacks involve suicide drones that he indicates the Hezbollah fighters would deploy toward Israeli troops unless the Gaza war ends.

Nasrallah’s address coincides with the escalation of animosity within the Lebanon-Israel border. Hezbollah acknowledged the attack within the group. Hezbollah on Friday attacked northern Israel by launching three suicide drones following the Israeli air strike that took down seven Hezbollah fighters in central Syria.

Nasrallah was noncommital on the suicide drone attack within the Israeli’s Red Sea city of Eilat. The Hezbollah leader termed the Thursday, November 9 attack as an outstanding achievement. 

The address by Hazbollah’s leader comes at a time when his fighters have regularly exchanged fire along the southern Lebanon border since Sunday, October 8. The exchange began hours after Hamas executed a deadly assault within the southern Israel-Gaza border, leaving over 1200 Israelis dead and another 200 plus hostages taken.

Hezbollah Accuse US for Managing Aggression in Gaza

Hezbollah officials have recently indicated that attacking the IDFs along the Lebanon-Israel border keeps three army divisions as other Israeli contingents execute a ground incursion into the Gaza Strip. The Lebanon militant group echoed data provided by the Hamas-run Health Ministry, claiming the five-week strikes by the IDF claimed over 11000 lives.

Nasrallah alleged that the side capable of ending the aggression is overseeing the aggression. He indicated that the United States primarily supports Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu-led Israel. 

Nasrallah backed claims by Hezbollah’s fighters that fighting witnessed along the southern Lebanon border has changed dramatically in recent days. He admitted that besides the superiority of weapons, the strikes target in-depth locations in Israel. 

Nasrallah illustrated that Hezbollah was commanding unmanned surveillance supported by reconnaissance drones within the northern Israeli territory. Although admitting that several were shot, the Hezbollah leader indicated several returned to the base carrying invaluable information.

Hezbollah Suffer Heavy Casualties as Ally Amal’s Fighters Hit

Hezbollah’s leader issued the brief as its fighters acknowledged scoring direct hits in three Israeli posts alongside an infantry unit within the Israeli border. Nasrallah’s brief came at a time when Israel’s troops lodged a successive drone strike, killing one fighter and injuring a pair. 

The victims are said to belong to the Shiite Muslim Amal linked with Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, also an ally of Hezbollah. The Amal group acknowledged that Ali Daoud was the only fighter killed in action since the war broke out, while Hezbollah claimed 70 losses since October 8.

Nasrallah indicated that his fighters launched one Burkan rocket targeting the Israeli military post located closer to the Lebanon border. He described the rocket’s capability to carry 300 and 500 kilograms of warheads. He asked the audience to imagine the consequences when 0.5 tons of explosives landed on the Israeli posts.

Israeli Troops Launch Counter Offensive Strike Targeting Hezbollah 

The Israeli military confirmed executing aircraft strikes targeting Hezbollah targets. The retaliatory attacks by the IDF are targeting military posts, intelligence infrastructure, and weapons depots.

The IDF hailed the airforce attack on a truck 40 kilometers into Lebanon. Lebanese media outlets indicated that Friday’s attack was the deepest strike at an estimated distance of 25 miles since the conflict began.

Nasrallah delved into the Muslim-Arab summit in Saudi Arabia by urging the 57 countries’ leaders to help resolve the Gaza conflict. The Hezbollah chief indicated that a cohesive strategy on the Gaza conflict involved taking a joint stance, condemning the US, and urging it to end the aggression and crimes orchestrated in Gaza.