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Video: IDF Attacked A Hamas Terrorists Cell That Fired An RPG From The Entrance Of Al-Quds Hospital In Gaza

Nov 13, 2023

Palestinian Terrorists Using Hospitals for Civilian Cover

In a significant operation, Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) successfully neutralized approximately 21 Hamas terrorists in Gaza City. The confrontation occurred at the entrance of the Al-Quds Hospital, where the terrorists, armed with RPGs and light weapons, had positioned themselves amidst civilians.

Al-Quds Hospital In Gaza
Al Quds Hospital In Gaza

Hamas Terrorists Fired An RPG From The Entrance Of A Hospital

According to IDF reports, the terrorist cell attempted to use the hospital’s entrance as a cover, exploiting the presence of civilians. The IDF forces, however, managed to identify them, spotting two RPG launchers in their possession. This led to an exchange of fire, during which civilians were seen fleeing the scene.

Video – IDF Retaliates to RPG Fire From Entrance of Al-Quds Hospital, Gaza

IDF Minimalizes Collateral Damage

The situation escalated as additional terrorists emerged from nearby buildings, blending in with the civilians to join the attack against the IDF. Despite this complex and challenging scenario, the IDF troops, comprising armored, engineering, and infantry units, and supported by the Air Force, responded with precision. They directed their fire towards the sources of the attack, ensuring minimal collateral damage.

The operation concluded without any casualties among the IDF forces. An IDF spokesperson emphasized the incident as a stark example of Hamas’s continued exploitation of sensitive locations, including hospitals, for military purposes. The spokesperson reiterated that such tactics pose significant challenges to IDF operations, especially in densely populated urban environments.

IDF Response

The IDF’s strategic response, marked by a combination of ground and air support, underscores their commitment to counter-terrorism operations, even in the face of complex urban guerrilla warfare. This incident in Gaza City not only highlights the ongoing tensions in the region but also the ethical and tactical challenges faced by the IDF in differentiating combatants from civilians in densely populated areas.

This operation has drawn attention to the broader conflict in the region, with international observers closely monitoring the situation. The IDF’s actions in such operations continue to be a subject of extensive analysis and discussion, particularly regarding the rules of engagement in urban warfare and the protection of civilians in conflict zones.

Source: news.sky.com