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Hamas has released this video as a message “to the families of the hostages”.


Hamas has released today a cynical video with a message to the families of the 136 hostages being held in Gaza by the savage terror group. This is psychological terrorism.

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(GRAPHIC) >> hamasvideo.com

❗️Hamas Videos website, a website made by Jews to show the world the truth, is a video footage archive blog of videos from the 7th of October, evidence of the savage brutal crimes commited by Palestinians against Jews.

Why is Hamas Threatening Hostages and Sending Messages to “Family of Hostages”

Hamas does this in order to continue to terrorize the Israeli people, these types of videos are another proof that the savage Palestinian terrorists have no red lines and all they want is to hurt, kill and terrorise Jews, it is despicable and should be condemned worldwide.

This is a terror group that has murdered, raped and kidnapped women, children, babies and now uses the hostages as a cynical tool in order to further their agenda to continue to kill Jews and incite terrorism.

Videos: Hundreds of Palestinian “Civilians” From Gaza Took Part in the Looting, Raping and Killing of Israelis on October 7th

Thousands of images and videos from October 7th have circulated around the world since October 7th. The killing, raping, looting, mutilations, barbarism, kidnappings and burning people alive can in no way be justified no matter how you look at it. Kidnapping babies, elderly women, raping young girls just because they are Israeli, these are things that will go down in Jewish history as a catastrophe of epic proportions and will never be forgotten.

Palestinian civilians taking part in the October 7th massacres
Palestinian civilians taking part in the October 7th massacres

Above you can see one of the images, while still inside Israel, one of the terrorists is taking a young woman he kidnapped and around him are a dozen Gazans, who are taking part in the attack, they crossed the border fences in the hundreds, Palestinian civilians, they looted the Israeli towns, killed Israelis with knifes, shovels, anything they could use as a tool of death. One of them even beheaded a man with a shovel (we can’t post the beheading video on our website as it is too graphic but you can find it on hamasvideo.com).

Documented and confirmed footage by many independent sources prove that hundreds of “regular” Gazan “civilians” took part in the looting, killing, mutilating and raping of Israelis on the day of the brutal attack.

Below are a few more of the videos, as we do not want to show the extremely graphic ones, we will share with you the ones where you can see the Gazan civilians helping to kidnap a woman and burning property or walking through the open fence after the attacks began. If you want to see the raw and graphic videos you can go to hamasvideo.com and see the many videos where Palestinian civilians are taking part in the more gruesome parts of the attacks.

Footage of Palestinian Civilians From Gaza Taking Part in the Attacks

We can also show you many videos of Gazans (not Hamas) crossing the border fence after the attack started, they heard the attack had begun and crossed through the open fences knowing that the Israeli defenses were down, they walked on foot into the surrounding towns and villages and looted, killed and helped the terrorists do their dark depraved deeds.

Gazans (not Hamas) crossing the open fence into Israel

Civilians from Gaza Kidnapp Israeli Woman

Palestinian civilian live streams while burning down tractors at a Kibbutz on October 7th

Gazans walking alongside Hamas terrorists inside Israel on October 7th

“The Ones Who Shot at Us Were Not the Ones Who Burned Us”

Avidar Bakar, from Kibbutz Be’eri who survived the attacks stated: “The ones who shot at us were not the ones who burned us and the ones who burned us were not the ones that plundered our belongings. It’s not just Hamas, if we don’t end this once and for all, we may as well withdraw all our soldiers from Gaza today!

He lost his wife and son and his leg, and survived the day of hell with his 13-year-old daughter.

In Conclusion

The Palestinian barbaric atrocities of October 7th were marked by extreme violence. Documented through thousands of images and videos, these acts of killing, raping, and looting, involving both Gazan civilians and terrorists, signify a complex and tragic episode in the ongoing war in the middle east. We can only hope for a normal future for future generations, but for now it looks like there is no foreseeable end to this war. The Palestinians want to kill us all, we will defend ourselves and do whatever it takes to gain back our security.

If you want to see the raw and graphic videos you can go to hamasvideo.com and see the many videos where Palestinian civilians are taking part in the more gruesome parts of the attacks.