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Video: Aid Trucks Making Their Way to the Rafah Crossing Before Entering the Gaza Strip Ahead of 4 Day Hostage Deal Truce

Nov 22, 2023

Aid Trucks at Rafah Crossing

Below you can see some of the aid trucks at the Rafah crossing. Waiting in line to enter Gaza ahead of the 4 day truce.

4 Day Truce Deal

A temporary truce of 4 days beginning tomorrow morning at 10 AM Israel time has been established between Israel and the Hamas group, marking a brief cessation of their prolonged hostilities. This truce, sanctioned by the Israeli government, aims to temporarily suspend the ongoing conflict that has lasted for six weeks and resulted in extensive damage.

As part of this arrangement, a four-day period of ceasefire is agreed upon, during which Israel will cease its military activities in the Gaza region. Concurrently, Hamas has committed to freeing a minimum of 50 individuals from a group of around 240 hostages currently under the control of various militant factions. Furthermore, this agreement stipulates the liberation of 150 Palestinian detainees from Israeli detention centers, reciprocating the release of 50 individuals held by Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

Hostages Kidnapped by Hamas on 7th October

The situation involving the hostages taken by Hamas is a significant and complex event. On October 7, Hamas terrorists carried out a deadly cross-border raid into Israel. During this assault, they abducted approximately 240 individuals. This incident occurred as Israeli communities were overwhelmed by the terrorist barbaric onslaught.

GRAPHIC WARNING October 7th Raw Video Footage
Credit: HamasVideo.com

The Israeli government, in response to this ongoing 46 days hostage situation has agreed to a ceasefire and hostage deal with Hamas. The deal involves a temporary halt to the ongoing war, in exchange for the release of some of the Israeli hostages held by Hamas in Gaza. This ceasefire is expected to last for four days.

The hostages taken during the attack are part of a broader strategy by Hamas, as they have expressed intentions to use the captives as leverage in negotiations. The war has been marked by significant violence, with about 1,400 people were killed in Israel during the Hamas massacres on October 7.

This series of events led to a heightened response from Israel, including a military invasion of the Gaza strip aimed at countering the Islamist terror groups which govern the strip.