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Ali Jamal Awad Is This Week’s Antisemite King: Here’s Why

Feb 5, 2024

Ali Jamal Awad’s Antisemitic Remarks

After making many hurtful and antisemitic comments, Ali Jamal Awad, also known as the “CEO Lawyer,” became embroiled in hot debates on social media and in the legal world. Awad has a large online following—nearly two million people—and his website has become a place where he airs his political and social views, especially those that hurt Jews and Israel as a nation.

Originating from Georgia, Awad’s online presence has raised serious concerns about his ability to uphold the principles of justice and fairness as an attorney and even his adherence to the laws governing his profession in Georgia. His public defense of the group Hamas, a designated terrorist organization, has drawn sharp criticism and calls for accountability.

In November 2023, Awad claimed on Instagram that Zionism exhibits more terrorism than Hamas. In another statement on January 20, 2024, Awad expressed skepticism about labeling Hamas and Houthis as terrorists, arguing that the designation by Joe Biden doesn’t necessarily reflect reality.

Furthermore, Awad accused the governments of the United States, the United Kingdom, and Israel of being the actual perpetrators of terrorism.

Spreading False Information

Despite knowing he has a substantial following, Awad continues propagating false information. He has consistently denied the atrocities committed by the Hamas terrorist group during the Israeli massacre on October 7, where thousands of innocent civilians died.

Awad’s posts on social media have included images denying the murder of babies by Hamas and baseless claims that Israel was responsible for orchestrating the violence. Furthermore, Awad has been spreading malicious lies about the Jewish people and the state of Israel, including the false allegation that Israel is actively harvesting the organs of Palestinians for an alleged’ organ bank.’

On November 4, 2023, he opined that America prioritizes loyalty to Israel over its citizens. After Harvard President Lawrence Bacow lost his job over the university’s alleged failure to protect Jewish students, Awad claimed that Israel orchestrated Bacow’s job loss to take control of one of America’s most prestigious universities. Then, he accused Zionists of perpetuating white supremacy and colonialism.

Surprisingly, Ali Jamal Awad recently received an award from Georgia State University’s alumni department as part of their annual “40 Under 40” celebration. This recognition has only intensified calls for accountability, with many questioning whether Awad embodies the university’s values.

Dave Farina Supports Hamas’s Actions Against Israel

Like Awad, Dave Farina, a self-proclaimed science expert, has also been making provocative comments against Israel and the Jewish community while also downplaying the actions of Hamas. On January 18, 2024, Farina tweeted about the brutal murder of Shani Louk, a young Israeli woman, accusing those who expressed outrage of being “part of the problem.”

Farina’s antisemitic rhetoric didn’t stop there. On October 9, 2023, Farina tweeted in support of Hamas, asserting that they only exist due to Israeli actions.

Denial Of Atrocities

Furthermore, Farina falsely claims that Israel fabricates atrocities to justify genocide. During the 2023 Thanksgiving holiday, his tweet advocated for the imprisonment and execution of a prominent Jewish executive. Awad and Farina’s series of tweets and statements means they must be held accountable for promoting antisemitism and spreading false propaganda.