• Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

A devastated British family is mourning the death of kin following the unprecedented attacks by Hamas on Saturday, October 7. The relatives are paying tribute to the London-born Nathaniel Young, who died while serving in the Israeli army. 

Hamas Attacks Kills British Soldier and Foreigners

The Tel Aviv-based soldier of British origin died when Hamas staged a surprising attack in Israel. The young soldier was a Tel Aviv resident and served in the 13th Battalion of the Israeli Army. 

The grief-stricken family paid tribute to the fallen soldier, describing him as loving to the family and friends. The family described Young as a talented DJ with endless love for music. The grieving relatives confessed the willingness of the British soldier to portray extreme efforts for their loved ones. 

The British family is grieving alongside other households when the country is bearing blasts executed by fighters drawn from the Palestinian militant organization Hamas. The British family’s grief is felt across Israel following the surprise attack by the Hamas terrorists on Saturday, October 7.                               

The unprecedented events occurred when members of the infamous Hamas group paraglided over the border to launch thousands of rocket missiles. The move prompted the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) to launch counter-offensive air attacks that have rendered several buildings into rubles following the heavy bombing. 

Preliminary reports by the Ministry of Health indicated that over 900 lives were lost. Also, the Hamas terrorists confirmed holding and taking dozens of captives back into Gaza.

German Family Mourns Daughter Killed by Hamas Terrorist

A German family is similarly mourning the loss of their daughter caught in the unfortunate attack by Hamas. The family is grieving the daughter whose body the Hamas paraded semi-naked using a pickup. Unlike the British soldier, the German tourist died when attending the peace rave near the Gaza border. 

The Hamas affirmed their butcher trade in sickening footage illustrating the bleeding and battered body of the thirty-year-old German tourist. Shani Louk’s body lay at the militants’ feet. The terrorists paraded the lifeless body hours after the group lodged the massive attack on Saturday.

Ms Louk’s relatives confessed to watching the footage and identifying her lifeless body. The parents indicated that her body had distinctive tattoos on the body. 

The grief shared by the German family matches the situation where a British gentleman – Jake Marlowe, went missing following the attack. The 26-year-old man previously worked in a role at the Gaza festival. 

Marlowe’s mum confessed to holding a conversation at 5:30 a.m. on October 7. However, mum Lisa indicated that he assured him everything was OK and expressed love to the mother in a text.

The cruelty perpetrated by the Hamas has provoked the Israeli leadership to promise a counter-offensive attack. The attacks target the critical installation utilized by Hamas within Gaza. 

The counter-offensive aligns with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s pronouncement to stage a mighty vengeance on the terrorist group for its role in the bloody attacks. 

Israel lamented that the Hamas terrorists engaged in the door-to-door murdering of innocent individuals while taking others into captivity.  

The move by Hamas triggered fears of anti-Semitic attacks. The law enforcement offices in London heightened their patrols following a video capturing men cheating. The clip showed the individuals celebrating and waving the Palestinian flags. Meanwhile, the attack coincides with the news of a police officer in Alexandria-Egypt fatally shooting two tourists of Israeli origin.