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Consequences Loom For Former MMA Fighter Over Antisemitic Rhetoric

Mar 5, 2024
Consequences Loom For Former MMA Fighter Over Antisemitic Rhetoric

Jake Shields’ Antisemitic Rhetoric

Former Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) competitor Jake Shields has been disseminating antisemitic rhetoric to his massive social media fan base. He denied sexual assault against innocent Israelis perpetrated by the terrorist organization Hamas during the October 7th massacre.

In one of his tweets, Shields stated on February 23rd that there were no rape tests conducted following lots of rape claims. He further undermined reports of atrocities by suggesting that Israel resorted to fabricating incidents in an attempt to regain support. He cited incidents where women had their breasts cut off and were subjected to violent assaults by Israelis.

Shields propagated blood libel against the Jewish community, asserting that Israel routinely engages in rape and torture against several Palestinian prisoners. He suggested that information supporting these claims could be found on Wikipedia, which he referred to as being under Zionist control.

Jake Shields Zionist tweet

Furthermore, Shields promoted the unsubstantiated notion of ‘Jewish Control.’ In his tweets commending Kanye West’s appearance on Alex Jones’ podcast, he asserted that Jews wield considerable influence over the media and music industry and would aggressively pursue the cancellation of dissenting voices to assert their dominance.

Moreover, Shields also posted an image titled ‘Map of America showing our lost territory since 1947,’ which portrayed the Israeli flag progressively dominating the American flag, implying the discredited conspiracy of Jewish control. His dissatisfaction with Time’s feature on Antisemitism further exposed his antisemitic stance.

He contended that people don’t hate Jews, adding that people acknowledge that Israel and Jewish groups exert influence over America. Hence, the former MMA fighter argued that they shouldn’t dictate the course of any nation.

Jake Shields hate Jews tweet

Shields Show Support For Houthis

Meanwhile, there are multiple pieces of evidence suggesting that Shields supports the actions of Houthis, who also receive support from Iran, in their assaults on America, Israel, and neighboring nations. He mentioned that Jews were responsible for introducing terrorism to the Middle East.

Hence, he disseminated false claims that Israel orchestrated bombings targeting Jews residing in Iraq. Furthermore, he attributed the attacks to Muslims who are trying to incentivize their migration to Israel. Shields also claimed that Israel is willing to sacrifice Jewish lives to advance their objectives. Shields further expressed his antisemitic stance when an Israeli-owned social media account denounced the suicide of United States soldier Aaron Bushnell, prompting him to tweet, “This enrages Zionist demons.”

Jake Shields tweet fake suicide by US soldier

The Consequences Of Bandvar And Khorashi’s Antisemitic Actions

Like Shields, Rose Bandvar, a dental receptionist and an X-ray technologist in Farmington Hills, Michigan, recently expressed support for Hamas and labeled Zionism as terrorism. Similarly, attorney Zohra M. Khorashi’s posts on her Instagram account, ‘ thelawyermomlife,’ showed her antisemitic stance.

In one of her notable posts, she compared Benjamin Netanyahu to Adolf Hitler and claimed that Israel controls the US. However, both individuals have faced the consequences of their actions as they are no longer in their respective positions following the exposure of their antisemitic views.