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Director of ‘Al Shifa’ Hospital in Gaza Arrested by IDF Amid Hamas Involvement in Hospital

Nov 24, 2023

Al Shifa Director Arrested

The head of ‘Shifa’ Hospital has been apprehended and is currently under investigation by Israeli security agencies (Shabak) due to mounting evidence suggesting that the hospital, under his direct leadership, functioned as a base for the Hamas terrorist group. Hamas leveraged various resources, including electricity, to fortify its underground network beneath the hospital.

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Furthermore, the organization stockpiled an array of weapons within the hospital premises and its surroundings. Following the Hamas attack on October 7th, the hospital was used as a sanctuary for its operatives and even held Israeli captives taken on that fateful day. A conclusive decision about his detention will be made based on the investigation’s outcomes and his association with terrorist activities.

Under Al Shifa Hospital, Gaza

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have disclosed the extensive network of a terror tunnel operated by Hamas, stretching for several meters and intricately weaving beneath the Qatari building located within Al Shifa Hospital’s premises. This sophisticated tunnel system, revealed with the assistance of the Shin Bet, Israel’s internal security service, includes various combat and hiding areas designed for the Palestinian terror group’s use.

Video – Under Al Shifa Hospital, Gaza

Documentation of a tunnel that was uncovered under the guidance of the Shin Bet, near Al Shifa Hospital. There is a likelihood that it connects to the hospital and to the tunnels of senior commanders in the Hamas terror organization.

Video – Tunnel Under Al Shifa Hospital, Gaza

Video of The Stolen Jeep Arriving at Al Shifa

Originally streamed live online by a Palestinian on the day of the attacks, the footage featured a yellow blur.

Video of the Same Stolen IDF Jeep Being Used to Transport Raped Israeli Female Hostage

(Graphic) Video – One of the Injured Hostages Abducted From Israel on October 7th

You can clearly see the Palestinian terrorists, alongside the medical staff, with the hostage, inside of the hospital in this video.

Hamas-Operated Terror Tunnel Beneath Shifa Hospital

In a significant operation, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), aided by specialized units from Duvdevan, Yahalom, and Oketz, have uncovered a Hamas-operated terror tunnel. The tunnel, extending approximately 55 meters in length and 10 meters deep, was found beneath the Shifa Hospital, following coordinated efforts by the IDF, the Israel Security Agency (ISA), and the AMAN military intelligence.

The tunnel’s entrance, accessible via a deep stairway, was fortified with defensive measures, including a swing door and a firing position. Such security arrangements are typical of Hamas, which utilizes them to prevent entry into its subterranean command centers and facilities.

GRAPHIC WARNING October 7th Raw Video Footage
Credit: HamasVideo.com

How This War Started – October 7th Massacres

The Israel-Hamas War of 2023 began abruptly on October 7th, when Hamas orchestrated a comprehensive land, sea, and air assault on Israel from the Gaza Strip. This attack, coinciding with the Jewish holiday of Shemini Atzeret, caught many by surprise, especially as many IDF soldiers were on leave.

The assault was unprecedented in its scale, launching over 2,200 rockets in 20 minutes, breaching the border with explosives and bulldozers, and even infiltrating via motorboats and paragliders.

This devastating attack resulted in over 1,200 deaths, multiple instances of sexual violence and rape, mutilations, kidnappings of babies, women and children and various other atrocities perpetrated on Israelis by the Palestinian attackers and mobs, marking it as the deadliest day for Israel since its independence​​.

In response, the IDF declared a state of alert and began mobilizing its reserves, calling up more than 350,000 over the following days. By October 8th, Israel had declared itself in a state of war, the first time since the Yom Kippur War in 1973.

Air strikes were initiated in the Gaza Strip, and a total siege was imposed, cutting off essential supplies. The war saw the difficulty in targeting terrorists and their weapon caches due to Gaza’s intricate network of tunnels, complicating rescue efforts for the hostages taken by Hamas​​.

While the war primarily centered on the Gaza Strip, it wasn’t confined to it. IDF intensified its raids in the West Bank and conducted airstrikes for the first time since the second intifada. Skirmishes with Hezbollah near the Lebanese border raised fears of a second front.

Even the Houthi forces in Yemen attempted strikes on southern Israel, indicating a broader coordination among Iran-led resistance factions. The conflict culminated in a temporary 4 day hostage deal ceasefire agreement on November 24, mediated by