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Eight Steps to Planning a Perfect Israeli Vacation

Aug 24, 2023

Perfect Israeli Vacation

Although Israel is small geographically, the country boasts multiple attraction sites waiting for tourists to explore. Given the several available options, the biggest challenge for many is planning a proper Israeli vacation. But you no longer have to worry about that because we will help you to plan a perfect trip to Israel.

Here are the steps to follow in order to have a memorable Israeli vacation:

Step 1: When to Visit

The weather in Israel is perfect throughout the year. However, visiting the country during summer is recommended. Imagine the hot sun shining on your skin while relaxing on the sandy beaches. You may never want to return home. But if you think 29 degrees Celsius is too hot, you may plan your Israeli vacation around October when the sun is weak and the breeze is strong.

Step 2: Duration of the Vacation

How long do you plan to stay in Israel? There are several factors that determine the duration of your vacation. It could be school breaks or work leave. A week is not enough to explore everything that Israel has to offer. Therefore, two weeks or more is the appropriate timeframe for your Israel trip. This allows you to tour major attraction sites in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, the Dead Sea, and Galilee.

Step 3: Traveling to Israel

Many tourists get to Israel by air. Ben Gurion is the country’s main airport. It allows airlines from multiple territories to land. There are direct flights from Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, Atlanta, and Philadelphia. However, most people prefer travelling via Europe as they consider the trip cheaper. Pocket-friendly airlines in Europe that fly to Israel include Air Moldova and Ryanair.

Once you arrive at Ben Gurion Airport, you can book a seat in its Fattal VIP Private Terminal, where you will be served beverages while enjoying free Internet as you wait to be picked up.

Step 4: Plan on Getting Around

At this stage, you already know when and how long you are going to stay in Israel. The next step is figuring out how you will get around. Some tourists prefer spending their nights in different locations. However, the best way to tour Israel is by booking a tour package from a tour company or hiring a private driver to show you around.

Step 5: Splitting Your Time

Planning your time after knowing how you will get around Israel is important. This involves determining how long to stay in a particular place before moving to the next one. For example, if you are on a 2-week vacation, we advise you to spend five days in Jerusalem, four in Galilee, three at the Dead Sea, and two in Tel Aviv.

Step 6: Choose the Places to Stay

Budget is the main factor when deciding where to stay. While in Jerusalem, check out the Mamilla Hotel, the David Citadel, and the American Colony. If you visit Tel Aviv, you can book a room in a luxurious beach hotel or go for a cheap hostel. The hotels in the Dead Sea are somewhat expensive, although worth every penny. But if you are not looking to spend much, Airbnb is always an option.

Step 7: Planning on What to Do

You can prioritize going to places you have been dreaming of before checking out other exciting sites like the Yad Vashem Museum and Western Wall. You can also visit the Negev desert if you enjoy sandboarding or want to try it for the first time.

Step 8: Picking the Right Clothes

There is a certain dress code required when visiting different places in Israel. Here is what you should know: Men planning to visit religious areas should wear sleeves and long pants, while women are expected to wear sleeves, long skirts, and something to cover their hair. Note that you can wear whatever you wish in a city like Tel Aviv, which is known as home to fashionistas.


If you follow our steps to planning a perfect trip to Israel, we guarantee you will enjoy every moment. While there, feel free to ask the locals any questions, as Israelis are known to be the most hospitable people.