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Footage Emerges of Golani Brigade Fighting Hamas in Shuja’iyya

Dec 10, 2023

Golani Brigade Battles Hamas

The Golani Brigade is finally back in Shuja’iyya, where it conducted operation “Protective Edge” almost a decade ago. In the latest footage released by Israel Defense Forces, the troops of the Brigade are seen fighting Hamas terrorists, who executed a deadly attack on Israel two months ago.

During today’s military operation in Gaza, the IDF reported that the Golani Brigade had managed to uncover over ten tunnel shafts, killed severed Hamas members, and discovered weapons. Moreover, the Israeli army revealed that Hamas terrorists launched a failed attack on the Golani troops from a Shuja’iyya-based school. All Hamas members within the learning institution were killed, according to the IDF.

The Golani Brigade Returns to Shuja’iyya

In its statement, the IDF praised the Golani Brigade for attaining massive achievements in their fight against Hamas. The Israeli army said the damage that the troops had caused would incapacitate the terror group further.

Golani Brigade Lost the Most Soldiers on October 7

It is worth mentioning that most of the IDF soldiers killed during the October 7 attack came from the Golani Brigade’s battalions 13 and 51. The troops were guarding the Gaza border that fateful day when Hamas terrorists infiltrated Israeli territory, murdering over 1,200 people, including women and children.

Since the war began, the two battalions have undergone extensive training in preparation for the current phase of the IDF’s ground offensive in Gaza, which was launched earlier this week.

Hamas Members Surrender

Meanwhile, as the Golani Brigade continues fighting Hamas, several members of the terror group have given and surrendered their weapons to Israeli soldiers. According to IDF’s latest report, over 200 terrorists have so far surrendered and been detained.

Speaking to the press on Saturday evening, IDF Spokesperson Daniel Hagari said the detained Hamas members shared vital information about the terror group that would give an advantage to the Israeli army in the ongoing fight. He added that further interrogations will be conducted to find out the locations in which Hamas is holding the over 130 hostages.

Earlier today, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed optimism that the end of Hamas was near following the surrender of some of its members. In a video statement, he urged the remaining Hamas terrorists to surrender rather than die for their leader, Yahya Sinwar.