• Wed. May 29th, 2024

The announcement conveyed by Israel’s military on Wednesday November 8 revealed that Hamas fighters lost control of the northern territory of Gaza Strip. The statement by Israel Defense Forces (IDF) illustrated that tens of thousands of Palestinians fled to Southern Gaza in pursuit of safety. 

Thousands of Gazans Flee Northern Territory

The IDF Rear Admiral Hagari, who heads the spokesperson unit, reiterated that Israel’s military witnessed 50,000 Gazans migrate to the south. He indicated in the televised briefing that Hamas lost significant control in the northern part. 

The statement confirmed that Israel had on Sunday November 5 started opening the evacuation corridor located along the main road linking the northern and southern Gaza. The military assured that the corridor would open four hours daily to enable the civilians to flee the fighting epicenter. The IDF explained that it offered the additional hour given the high numbers using the corridor.

The UN agency involved in assisting the Palestinians – UNRWA collaborated the IDF numbers that opening the corridor had by Sunday enabled 40000 individuals to cross south with majority on foot. UNRWA indicated that the majority of the civilians moving south comprised children, elderly and physically challenged people carrying with them a few belongings.

The UN in collaboration with other aid organizations is offering water and high-energy biscuits in locations south of the boundary separating the Northern territory.

The influx of civilians to the South arises from the worsening conditions in the North that the UN labeled as dire in its Tuesday statement. The UN indicated that the northern region remains out of reach, thereby missing out on aid deliveries in the seven-day run.  In particular, the UN indicated that bakeries were non operational owing to lack of water, wheat flour and water supplies besides bearing damages to the premises.

Israel unveiled the offensive as retaliatory to the October 7 terror attack staged by Hamas in southern Israel. Besides killing 1400 people, the Hamas terrorists took 240 hostages.

The UN warned that the continuity in IDF action leaves the Southern Gaza vulnerable to overcrowding as more civilians flee the north. The UN estimates that two-thirds of the 2.3 million residents in Gaza are displaced leaving the majority of shelters battling worsening sanitary conditions, inadequate water and fuel supplies.

Netanyahu Assures Israel Action to Eliminate Terrorism in Gaza Strip

Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu press conference on Saturday November 4 indicated the Hamas terrorists lost the entire northern Gaza Strip. He hailed the martyrs who sacrificed and acted heroically in the difficult war. Nonetheless, he affirmed that the IDF would not stop till the mission completion. 

Netanyahu declared that there is no substitute for victory other than eliminating Hamas and saving the hostages. The leader lauded the IDF success in encircling Gaza City, indicating the military is currently on the Shifa Hospital outskirts. He restated that Hamas terrorists have no safe haven to hide until their ultimate elimination.  

Netanyahu addressed the conference flanked by Defense Minister Yoav Gallant and in the presence of National Unity Party head Benny Gantz. He warned Hezbollah that entry into the war would undermine Lebanon’s fate since Beirut would face similar consequences as Gaza. He added that Israel would act to eliminate terrorism in Syria, Red Sea and within its borders. 

Netanyahu Rules Out Ceding Gaza Control to Palestinian Authority (PA)

Netanyahu dismissed the possibility of Israel ceding Gaza control to the PA. He ruled out the possibility of establishing safe passage for the civil authority educating children to kill Israelis, hate and eliminate Israel. 

Israel’s prime minister declared that he would not support the existence of authority paying families of murderers. He wondered why the authority would control Gaza when it failed to condemn the October 7 massacre. Istead, he argues that there would be an alternative under Israel’s security control. 

Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich hailed the clear stance by Netanyahu on PA not controlling Gaza. He restated the cabinet’s resolve to have the PA’s funds frozen. He profiled PA as an entity supporting and encouraging terrorism. The minister ruled out the logic of Israel abandoning her citizens’ security to the hands of the enemies. 

Netanyahu urged the Arab countries’ leaders to care about the Middle East’s future to stand up against Hamas. He posed that the 16 years of Hamas tyranny only brought disaster, blood and widespread poverty to Gaza Strip residents. 

Netanyahu added his conviction that the majority of the Arab leaders understand that Hamas had become the integral terrorist axis that orchestrates evil, endangering the entire region. As such, he declared he would not bow to international pressure to change the belief of pursuing the rightness of defending itself. 

Netanyahu offered to talk after Hamas’ elimination to the extent that Gaza would not threaten Israel State. Its accomplishment would involve the IDF exercising control over Gaza Strip to avert terrorism. 

Netanyahu argued that the horrific October 7 massacre illustrates that whenever Israel fails to exercise control over security, terrorists are bound to strike. Consequently, he affirmed that he would cede security control to PA under any circumstance.  He indicated that peace restoration is bound when Hamas is entirely eliminated.