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Hamas Terrorists Kill Another Israeli Hostage In Gaza

Mar 24, 2024
Hamas Terrorists Kill Another Israeli Hostage In Gaza

Yagev Buchshtav Killed By Hamas Terrorists 

Another Israeli hostage, identified as Yagev Buchshtav, has been reported dead while in captivity in Gaza. Buchshtav, 34, was abducted on October 7th from Kibbutz Nirim in southern Israel. 

His captors, identified as members of the terrorist organization Hamas, released a disturbing video showcasing what can be described as psychological terrorism. Meanwhile, Hamas, in a statement published on their telegram channel, claimed that Buchshtav died due to a lack of medicine and food

However, Israeli authorities expressed skepticism about this claim, asserting that Hamas is known for its use of psychological warfare tactics. Buchshtav’s wife, Rimon Kirsht Buchstav, 36, was also taken captive alongside him. 

However, she was released last November in one of the hostage-prisoner exchange deals between the warring parties. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed his condolences to Buchshtav’s family, vowing that Israel will not rest until justice is served.

Israeli Forces Intensify Operation At Shifa Hospital

In a determined effort to root out terrorists in the Gaza Strip, the Southern Command of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) has intensified its operations in this region. Commanding Officer Yaron Finkelman reiterated the IDF’s unwavering commitment to apprehend or eliminate all terrorists in the region.

The operation, centered around Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, commenced on Monday and has resulted in the death of over 170 terrorists, including prominent Hamas figures. Among the captured individuals are key operatives responsible for orchestrating acts of terror across different regions, like Amad Atzida and Hamdala Hassan Ali.

One notable arrest is that of Mahmoud Kawasme, linked to the infamous abduction and murder of three Israeli teenagers in 2014. Hence, his apprehension is a crucial milestone in the pursuit of justice for the victims and their families.

During a recent situation assessment at Shifa Hospital, Commanding Officer Yaron Finkelman lauded the bravery and professionalism of IDF soldiers and commanders. Finkelman asserted that the operation would remain ongoing until the IDF captured or neutralized all the terrorists. 

Relentless Pursuits

The operation’s success is attributed to meticulous planning and precise execution, showcasing the IDF’s operational prowess. Over 800 suspects have been interrogated, leading to the discovery of weapon caches and terrorist infrastructure. 

Key figures involved in the operation include Major General Aharon Haliva, Head of the Intelligence Directorate (J2), Captain A, Commanding Officer of Shayetet 13, and Brigadier General Itzik Cohen, Commanding Officer of the 162nd Division. The operation’s scope extends beyond Shifa Hospital, encompassing the broader Gaza area to root out terrorism at its source. 

The IDF maintains a steadfast commitment to upholding international humanitarian standards as its operation progresses. Hence, it is making intentional efforts to minimize civilian casualties and ensure the safety of non-combatants caught in the crossfire.