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Palestinian Islamist Terror Group Hamas Wants to Trade Russian Hostages for Weapons Supply

Oct 31, 2023

The Palestinian terrorist group Hamas is reportedly offering to release the eight Russian citizens held hostage following the Saturday, October 7 attack in Israel. The Hamas terror group is said to have proposed to Moscow for weapon supply in exchange for eight Russians kidnapped alongside other hostages. 

Hamas Offer Releasing Russian Hostages for Anti-aircraft Weapons

The terror group is seeking anti-aircraft weapons in the offer tabled to Moscow. Details of the proposal by the Hamas terrorist organization appeared in a publication by Channel 13 News. The report indicates that the Hamas seek immediate transfer of the weapons to Gaza for their use against the Israel Defense Force (IDF).

The Channel 13 News report indicated that Hamas prioritizes heightening its defense lines given that it seeks anti-aircraft weapons from Moscow. 

Israeli officials expressed concerns over the Hamas-Moscow talks. The officials indicated that Moscow had offered continual support to the terrorist organization even after the horrific massacre of Israelis exceeding 1400 on October 7.

The revelation by Channel 13 News coincides with Russian President Vladimir Putin’s speech. The indicted Moscow leader for the Ukraine invasion addressed the Hamas-Israel war and the anti-Jewish riots witnessed on Sunday, October 29, at the airport within the Russian republic of Dagestan. 

President Putin differed in opinion to condemn Israel’s IDF actions against Hamas. Rather than punish terrorists, Putin claimed that Israel resorted to pursuing the principle of collective responsibility.

Russia President Alleges Israel Pursuing Collective Punishment in Gaza

Putin emphasized that Israel was collectively punishing Gaza residents. His statements doubled down on the support for Hamas as he labeled the bombings unjustified. 

The Russian President urged the need to understand the party behind the deadly Hamas-Israeli chaos. He indicated that knowing the orchestrators of the chaos should involve determining the beneficiary. Unsurprisingly, the Russian President identified the US as the primary beneficiary of all global instability. 

Putin Criticizes Dagestan Riots and Attack Targeting Jews

The Russian President turned to the riots witnessed on Sunday in Dagestan. Putin challenged the organizers and perpetrators to logical reasoning. He inquired if the Palestinians could derive help by attacking other individuals. 

The Moscow leader alleged the West involvement and Ukraine for the chaos. He indicated that the anti-Russian forces were behind the incitement of the mobs attacking Jews also witnessed on social media.