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Health and Wellness Activities to Do in Israel

Sep 24, 2023

Health and Wellness

As one of the world’s major tourist destinations, Israel offers a wide range of activities for tourists to engage in. In recent years, health and wellness has become a popular activity in Israel. There are numerous activities to do in this country that help tourists to stay active. This guide explores some of the best health and wellness activities to try in your next Israel visit.

Try Out the Tasty Vegan Food in the Tel Aviv City

Although Tel Aviv is popular for its cultural attractions and lively nightlife, you can find healthy food there. The city is even nicknamed “World’s Vegan Capital.” There are over 300 vegan eateries in Tel Aviv that offer local meals cooked using fresh-from-the-farm ingredients along with Mediterranean-style salads.

Moreover, the White City has plenty of pescatarian and vegetarian options, providing tasty food choices for tourists with specific dietary needs.

Go for a Sunrise Hike to Connect With Nature

Israel has several excellent nature spots ideal for hiking. Tourists can explore lush landscapes as they connect with their mental and physical health. We recommend you go for a hike in the morning due to cooler temperatures and a peaceful atmosphere. One suitable spot for hiking is Masada, a fortress situated at the top of a rock plateau in the Judaean Desert.

Taste the Delicious Fresh Fruits

Israel is a land filled with some of the tastiest and freshest fruits in the world. They include figs, pomegranates, dates, and berries. These fruits are good sources of nutrients and natural fiber. You can pick them from farms located in Golan Heights. Fruit picking offers an exceptional way to understand Israeli agriculture.

Take a Walking Tour

With numerous natural wonders, cultural attractions, and historical sites in Israel, visitors cannot lack something to explore. Taking a walk in the country allows you to learn about Israeli culture while you keep fit. Moreover, walking around gives you a chance to connect with Israeli residents, who are usually welcoming and may be willing to show you hidden gems.

One of the areas in Israel that you should explore by foot is Jaffa. Here, you can visit the Old Jaffa, the flea market, and the port.

Busk in the Sun at the Golan Heights

One of the places in Israel that offers excellent biking and hiking trails is the Golan Heights. It is ideal for people who enjoy nature walks. However, if physical activity is not your thing, visit the cool and beautiful Banias Waterfalls to relax as you enjoy the sunshine.

Be Part of Yoga Classes

Yoga has become popular among Israeli residents, causing the demand for classes to skyrocket. As a tourist, you can learn yoga in big cities like Eilat, Haifa, Jerusalem, and Tel Aviv. There are yoga trainers such as Iyengar Yoga TLV Center that offer English speaking classes in Tel Aviv too.

Depending on your preference, you can take a traditional yoga class known as Vinyasa or a modern class called Acro-yoga. You can enroll for just one session. However, if you want to understand everything about yoga, you can spend three to five days deepening your yoga practice.

Relax Your Body With a Spa Retreat

While in Israel, be sure to find some of the best Spas in the world, offering a wide range of treatments that help boost your mental and physcial well-being. Such services allow you to relax and rejuvenate. You can opt for a regular Spa experience or unique treatments, such as salt therapy that involves the use of Dead Sea minerals.

Consider these hotels to get the best Spa services: While in Golan and Galilee, check out Carmel Forest Spa Resort, Schumacher Hotel, Mizra Guest House, and Shirat Hayam Boutique Hotel. While in Tel Aviv, check out the Artist Hotel, Rothschild Hotel, Lighthouse by Brown Hotels, Mendeli Street Hotel, and YAlma Hotel and Lounge.

Final Thoughts

Health and wellness activities in Israel are fun for every tourist. Whether you want to eat food made from fresh produce or participate in physical activities like hiking or walking around the Israeli neighborhoods, you can do that in this tourist-friendly country.