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Hidden Gems of the Negev – Here are Five Things to Do in the Israel’s Desert

Aug 12, 2023

The Negev is one of a kind desert. It hosts breathtaking landscapes, geological sites, dunes, and camels. Unlike most deserts, Negev is easily accessible, only a few kilometers from the center of Israel. It features several hidden gems that people looking for a fantastic desert experience can explore.

In this article, we will take a look at five top activities you should do during your next visit to Negev.

Timna Park

You may have heard of Eilat, the main attraction in Negev. The Israel southern city is popular among residents and tourists who enjoy staying in beach hotels. But just about ten miles from Eilat, you will find amazing views of the Arava region inside Timna Park. You can also visit the world’s oldest copper mine in Mount Timna and then walk on rainbow sand in Timna Valley.

Solomon’s sandstones are among the many natural landscapes in the park that will leave you mesmerized. Note that Timna Park has a lake. Therefore, you can pedal board or just sit on the beach to enjoy the lake views.

Although near Eilat, getting to Timna Park is not easy by public means. But do not worry. There are several tour companies in Eilat that transport tourists to the park every day.

Beresheet Hotel

Luxury and desert are probably not the terms you would pair together. However, the exquisite Beresheet Hotel is striving to give visitors a 5-star experience in the Negev desert. Located in Mitzpe Ramon, the luxury hotel buildings feature mountain blends. And besides spa treatments, Beresheet Hotel offers tasty meals, clean swimming pools, and a wellness center. Additionally, the hotel facilitates day tours to the famous Ramon Crater.

The incredible experience offered by Beresheet Hotel will get you planning for another trip to the Negev once you return home.

Camp Under the Negev Starlit Sky

Suppose you don’t find hotel beds attractive or want a pure desert experience, camp at Ramon Crater for a memorable stargazing adventure. The crater is situated in Mitzpe Ramon, the Middle East’s first Dark Sky Park. That means only stars light up the area at night.

To learn more about the Ramon Crater and the great galaxy, you can book a night sky tour with the many tour guide firms in Israel, such as Tourist Israel. You may catch a few shooting at the crater, considering that the skies are usually clear.

SandBoard Experience in the Negev Desert

Although the Negev is known to be a rocky desert, you can always find sand dunes between Beer Sheva and Mitzpe Ramon. For sandboarding lovers, this is the perfect place to do it. If you haven’t engaged in this adventurous activity, you can seek help from the many companies offering sandboarding tours. After taking lessons, head up to the slopes to catch some breathtaking views of other slopes in the Negev desert and then start sandboarding down the hill for a unique and thrilling experience.

Explore Various Walks of Desert Life

The first prime minister of Israel, David Ben Gurion, was buried in Negev’s Sde Boker. Visiting his burial site in this Kibbutz should be on your bucket list. While in Sde Boker, you can also visit Zin Valley to watch wild animals like wolves, owls, hyenas, foxes, and hares. The valley’s canyons will lead you to the Ein Zaka and Ein Avdat springs. But for a proper swim, visit Ein Akev.

How Do You Get to Negev?

The Negev is considerably large. Its northern border starts at Beer Sheva City and stretches to Eilat, the most southern town of Israel. If you prefer public transport, you can take a train from Tel Aviv to Beer Sheva. But you can rent a car if you prefer to travel privately. Even better, you can book a guided tour, considering it is cost-efficient.


The Negev is truly a magnificent desert, offering diverse experiences for visitors and locals. We, therefore, recommend you explore our top five activities for an unforgettable desert experience.