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IDF Has Eliminated 2,000 Islamist Terrorists From Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Recent Ground Operations

Nov 9, 2023

IDF Kills 2,000 Terrorists

Fierce battles have continued in Gaza this week, with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) now employing artificial intelligence to detect thousands of targets belonging to terror groups Islamic Jihad and Hamas.

On Wednesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the nation from Kirya military headquarters to give updates on the ongoing war. He said IDF has advanced deeper into the Gaza Strip, destroying multiple Hamas tunnels, command centers, and positions. He also said over 2,000 terrorists from Islamic Jihad and Hamas have been eliminated since Israel launched a ground offensive.

Hamas Attack and Israel’s Response

Netanyahu’s remarks come over a month after Hamas executed a surprise onslaught that led to the deaths of more than 1,400 people. Thousands of civilians and soldiers were injured in the attack, with over 249 men, children, and women taken hostage in Gaza. Since the assault, Israel has made it its mission to eliminate Hamas and overthrow it from leadership.

Although the Israeli army has managed to kill 2,000 terrorists, most of whom participated in the October 7 attack, it has also lost some soldiers in the ongoing ground battles. Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant reported that 30 IDF soldiers had lost their lives in Gaza.

“No Hostages Released, No Ceasefire,” Israel Insists

The minister has ruled out the possibility of a ceasefire if hostages are not released. US President Joe Biden is among the many leaders who have called for a humanitarian pause in recent days. He told American reporters on Tuesday that he was still waiting for the Israeli Prime Minister’s response regarding his temporary ceasefire request.

Netanyahu has reiterated Gallant’s remarks that there won’t be any ceasefire if Hamas does not release the captives. He says he has been in talks with the Red Cross president and has asked him to work on securing the hostages’ immediate release.

Meanwhile, Israel is still urging Gazans to relocate to the south to avoid harm. Over 800,000 Palestinians have already heeded the order. However, there were reports last week that the Hamas terrorists were killing fleeing Gazans as they wanted to use them as human shields.