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In Syria, Children are Taught Math by Counting “Killed Israelis”

Dec 9, 2023

How Many Israeli Soldiers Were Killed in Total?

A math question used in a school in Northern Syria, which involves a scenario where “Mujahideen in Gaza” destroy 32 Israeli tanks, each containing 6 soldiers. The math problem asks students to calculate the total number of soldiers killed. This inclusion in an educational setting indicates an embedded antisemitism, hatred of Jews and Israelis and legitimization of killing of Jews being taught to children in Syria at a young age.

Glorifying the Murder of Jews

It is nothing new, seeing Muslims or Arabs glorifying acts of violence against Jews, teaching it to their children at a young age and legitimizing antisemitism. Many in the Arab and Muslim world are raised from a very young age in the way of Jew hatred, martyrdom, darkness, self-destruction, jihad and radicalism. It is a well known fact that from first grade Palestinians are also taught math with the question “If there are 5 Jews and you kill 2 of them, how many Jews are left?“.

A Reminder of How This War Began

A sad reminder of why this war began on the 7th of October, the most deadly day for Jews since the Holocaust.

October 7th Raw Video Footage
Credit: HamasVideo.com

What are Israeli Children Taught in Schools?

In Israel children are taught the same math lessons with apples, oranges and cats. Maybe this is why we fell asleep on our noses, why the 7th of October happened. We do not teach our children about the Middle East, about terrorism, about how a large portion of society, Muslims, Christians too, hate us and want to kill us just for being Jews.

We should be teaching our kids to be more vigilant. That living in the Middle East is no picnic. That we are surrounded by Islamist nations with Iranian proxy militias that are just waiting for the moment to kill us all.