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Inbar Heyman, 27, Haifa – Abducted by Hamas Terrorists

Oct 22, 2023

October 7th 2023

Like thousands of young people, on October 7, Inbar was at the dance festival in Ra’im. She worked there as a “helper”, her role was to assist people who were not feeling well.

Inbar Heyman

Following the terrorist attack, a video of Inbar being led to Gaza by four terrorists was distributed online by Hamas, through a live stream of one of the terrorists.

The last information her family received is that Inbar was on a motorcycle with two terrorists.

Abducted to Gaza by Hamas Terrorists

She managed to break free, but then another terrorist came from behind and put her on a different motorcycle. We do not know what happened to her after but she is probably being held captive by Hamas terrorists in Gaza.

Bring Her Back Now!


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