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Intelligence Indicates Iranian-Backed Militant Groups are Ready to Escalate Their Attacks on Middle East-Based US Forces

Oct 24, 2023
Iran To Halt Attacks On American Targets: Here's Why

Iranian-Backed Militant Groups vs. US Troops

The United States government says it has intelligence that terror groups backed by Iran are planning to launch more attacks on US troops based in the Middle East. According to the US officials who spoke to CNN, Iran is looking to capitalize on criticism in the region directed at the US for supporting Israel in the ongoing war.

Several drone attacks have already been launched on US forces by some Iranian-backed militant groups over the past few days. But now, based on the intelligence, the US is convinced that these organizations could increase their attacks in the coming days.

One US official in the Middle East told CNN that he suspects Iran is encouraging the militant groups to launch attacks rather than directing them. He claimed that Iran told the terrorists they wouldn’t be punished by being denied access to more weapons if they kept attacking US military bases.

John Kirby, the US National Security Council spokesperson, said on Monday that the government sees a prospect for escalated attacks on American troops in the Middle East over the coming days, which Iran is likely to facilitate the militant groups with the required resources.

“We are Ready to Defend Our Soldiers,” US Government Says

Iran backs multiple criminal organizations in the Middle East. Kirby says these groups usually do not act independently. Instead, they consult with Iran before launching attacks. Nonetheless, he says the US government is ready to defend its Middle East-based troops.

When asked by a CNN journalist if he thinks Iran has been directing militant organizations, Matthew Miller, the State Department spokesperson, said there was a likelihood the Islamic State was directing them, considering that it sponsors those terrorists.

President Joe Biden Warns Iranian-Backed Terror Groups

Meanwhile, the US has sent several warnings to Iran since the war began. Last week, President Joe Biden cautioned Iranian-backed terror groups against escalating the ongoing Israel-Hamas war, warning that there will be severe consequences.

Iran, on the other hand, through the country’s Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, has warned the United States and Israel that failing to end attacks on Gaza can have “bitter consequences” for the warmongers, a word Iran used to refer to the two countries.