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Israel Celebrates Historic Victory At Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships

Sep 1, 2023

Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships

In a remarkable moment at the ongoing Rhythmic Gymnastic World Championship in Valencia, Spain, Israel claimed its first gold medal in rhythmic gymnastics. This monumental achievement marked an improvement over last year’s silver medal.

Also, it solidified Israel’s position as an international powerhouse in this demanding sport.

Israel’s Remarkable Victory

On an unforgettable Friday, Israel’s team outshone formidable opponents, Spain and China, to secure the coveted gold in the all-around group category. Their triumph continued on Sunday when they clinched gold in the combined exercise, surpassing China and Ukraine after a display of coordination and artistry.

The Israeli squad also exhibited their skills in the hoops final, finishing an impressive fifth.

Adding to the significance of the occasion, Linoy Ashram played a crucial role as an assistant trainer for the team. Recall that Asharm made history at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics by winning an Olympic gold medal in rhythmic gymnastics, making her the first Israeli woman to achieve this feat.

Though she retired from the sport at 22 last year, her expertise and dedication were invaluable to the team’s success. In an interview with Haaretz, Ashram expressed her excitement and pride in the team’s extraordinary achievement.

She said, “I think you can hear in my voice how excited we were; we screamed yesterday, what a crazy achievement we had yesterday. Undoubtedly, the girls work hard with an amazing team of coaches.” The gold medal-winning performance on Friday was a mesmerizing three-minute routine featuring ribbons and balls set to a dance track intertwined with the chorus of “Diva,” a hit by Israeli singer Dana International, who triumphed in the 1998 Eurovision Song Contest.

Additionally, the routine included a three-minute hoop performance set to music from the 2017 film “Wonder Woman,” starring Israeli actress Gal Gadot. Romi Paritzki, the team’s captain, added, “We are really happy that we managed to get this medal and that we got the chance to scream out the anthem from the podium. It’s the best feeling any athlete can have.”

Paritzki was joined in the performance by teammates Eliza Banchuk, Shani Bakanov, Ofir Shaham, Adar Friedmann, and Diana Svertsov. Notably, the team had previously clinched the all-around competition at the European championship last year, in addition to two silvers and a gold at this year’s competition.

Securing A Spot At The 2024 Paris Olympics

Furthermore, this monumental win secured a spot for Israel in the group competition at the 2024 Paris Olympics. Last year’s silver medal at the world championship paved the way for this remarkable opportunity for Israel to be represented globally.

This victory was particularly significant as it ended a streak of Russian wins that had persisted since the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Linoy Ashram’s gold medal triumph in the individual Hoops competition at the Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships highlights her dedication and talent for the sport.

The historic gold medal is a source of immense pride and inspiration for Israel as they look forward to making their mark at the 2024 Paris Olympics.