• Tue. May 28th, 2024

Unveiling Hamas’ Tactics

Israel’s President, Isaac Herzog, revealed details of a Hamas booklet retrieved from a Palestinian terrorist’s body after an incident in one of the Gaza-area communities on Sunday. According to Herzog, the booklet contained detailed instructions on infiltrating citizens’ yards, kibbutzim, cities, and moshavim.

It also outlines the initial steps upon encountering citizens, which involve torture and kidnapping. The guide, titled “The Warrior’s Guide: Jihadi Version,” reveals gruesome tactics, including techniques to induce chaos and intimidate captives using electric shocks and even live executions.

By instructing kidnappers to use captives as human shields in case of an attack, the manual shows no consideration for the captives’ religion, race, or gender. Furthermore, it advises the termination of hostages when deemed necessary, particularly in the face of potential rebellion.

Terrorists are also urged to document their actions in real-time, with many perpetrators wearing GoPro cameras to share their footage on social media.

Dark Realities Of Seized Territory

The booklet further explained tactics (such as car bombings, ambushes, and sniper fire) for asserting dominance over seized territory. It also directs terrorists to confiscate their captives’ identification documents and record their personal information appropriately.

A notable feature of the booklet is an illustrative chart that outlines the hierarchical structure of the Israel Defense Force alongside its armament and electronic assets. Herzog emphasized that this ideology mirrors that of ISIS, another organization seeking to destroy Israel.

According to him, the details in the booklet further reveal the need to eradicate Hamas. During the assault on Israeli border communities, the terrorists claimed the lives of over 1,300 individuals, predominantly civilians, and took 199 individuals hostage.

Herzog further said this is neither a struggle between Israel and the Palestinians nor a conflict between Judaism and Islam. It’s a battle delineating where humanity should stand—whether we align ourselves with good or evil.

He declared that the current campaign is a fight against evil, to eradicate it for the betterment of the entire region and the world.

Trilateral Agreement: Egypt, US, Israel Reopen Rafah Crossing In Gaza

Meanwhile, Egypt, Israel, and the United States have agreed to cease fire in the southern Gaza region, enabling the reopening of the Rafah border crossing. This information came from two sources within the Egyptian security camp on Monday.

However, these sources could not provide exact details regarding the duration of this ceasefire agreement. Rafah, located at the border between Gaza, under Hamas’s governance, and Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, is the sole entry point into the territory not under Israeli authority.

Images from Reuters displayed aid trucks belonging to Egyptian non-governmental organizations in Al-Arish in Sinai, awaiting clearance for the hours-long journey into Rafah. Assistance from various countries and organizations had been held up in al-Arish, pending an agreement on delivering aid and evacuating foreign nationals from Gaza.