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Israeli Communications Minister Shlomo Karhi Makes Second Official Visit to Saudi Arabia

Oct 4, 2023

Communications Minister’s Trip to Saudi Arabia

Shlomo Karhi, Israel’s Communications Minister, landed in Saudi Arabia on Tuesday for the second time since assuming office. He is there to attend this year’s Universal Postal Union Congress. Karhi is not alone. The Israeli Minister is accompanied by another Likud party member, Haim Katz, along with Knesset Economy Committee Chair David Bitan and 12 representatives of Israel’s Foreign Ministry and Communications Ministry.

Karhi’s visit comes at a time when the deal brokered by the United States between Saudia Arabia and Israel to foster healthy relations is almost getting sealed. If agreed, the deal will improve Israel’s standings among Middle East countries.

The Communications Minister is expected to deliver his speech at the Universal Postal Union Congress. He will then meet with Michael Ratney, the United States Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, and some government officials from Turkey, a press release from Karhi’s office read. Moreover, the Minister’s office revealed that Riyadh-based famous Israel supporter Sukkah of Mohammed Saud had invited Karhi to his place.

Meanwhile, immediately after landing in Saudia Arabia, Karhi shared a video in which he said he was hoping that Israel and the oil-rich Arabic country would develop good relations for the benefit of their citizens.

The Universal Postal Union Congress

The luxurious Rutz-Calton hotel is set to be the host of this year’s Universal Postal Union Congress. For beginners, the Universal Postal Union is an agency under the United Nations involved in coordinating postal policies. Its 2023 congress will be focusing on the long-term view of the postal financial services and proposals on climate change.

It is worth mentioning that the Universal Postal Union is holding this conference only for the fourth time despite being in existence over the past 150 years. The last one happened in Switzerland four years ago.

Israel’s Government Officials Make More Trips to Saudi Arabia

Prior to Karhi’s visit to Saudi Arabia, several Israeli government officials had already flown to the Arabic nation to attend various conferences. In September, Israel’s head of the Antiquities Authority led a delegation of eight staffers to the UNESCO World Heritage Congress in Riyadh. Last week, Israeli Minister for Tourism Katz touched down in Saudi Arabia for a World Tourism Organization Congress organized by the United Nations.