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Israeli Drones Outshine NYC’s In Advancement – NYC Mayor

Aug 25, 2023

Israeli Drones

During his recent visit to Israel, New York City Mayor Eric Adams couldn’t help but notice the remarkable advancements in drone technology, particularly those employed by the Israeli police force. In a hearing, Adams shared his observations, highlighting the Israeli drones’ impressive features compared to those currently utilized by the New York Police Department (NYPD).

Adams Shares His Candid Opinion

He emphasized that Israeli drones possess a higher level of sophistication, endurance, and innovation in their application. One of the standout aspects of the Israeli drones that caught Mayor Adams’ attention was the imaginative and resourceful methods used in making them.

He pointed out instances where these drones collaborate seamlessly with police motorcycles and contribute effectively during traffic incidents. In contrast, such innovative applications are less prevalent within the NYPD’s drone operations.

Mayor Adams also commended the remarkable durability of Israeli drones, surpassing the capabilities of the NYPD’s existing fleet. These Israeli drones can cover significantly longer distances, showcasing their superior range.

“I was particularly intrigued by the methodologies they employ in utilizing these drones and the unique training they undergo,” Mayor Adams enthused, underscoring his fascination with the inventive strategies Israeli police use. He expressed his intention to suggest similar approaches to the NYPD for thorough evaluation and potential integration.

Mayor Adams, a staunch advocate of technology’s role in enhancing safety and convenience, lauded the strides Israel has made in technological innovations that positively impact people’s lives. He positioned Israel as a frontrunner in pioneering technological developments that can benefit New York residents and humanity.

Mayor Adams’ Israel Trip Highlights

Adams embarked on this scheduled journey to forge connections with Israeli governmental officials and prominent figures within Jewish organizations. Meetings with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Foreign Minister Eli Cohen were on his itinerary, where topics of discussion ranged from combating antisemitism to establishing parallels between New York and Israel.

While in Israel, Adams extensively explored Jerusalem, visiting iconic sites such as the Western Wall, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, and the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum. His visit also extended to the vibrant Machane Yehuda market, offering a holistic experience of the city’s rich tapestry.

Participating in a round-table discussion on Israel’s judicial reform protests showcased Mayor Adams’ keen interest in understanding and contributing to the discourse on the nation’s critical issues. Throughout his trip, Adams fostered the sentiment that New York, often tagged “the Israel of America,” shares a strong affinity with Israel regarding values, culture, and mutual progress.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Netanyahu acknowledged Adams’ supportive stance towards Israel, praising the strong relationship between New York and Israel. Netanyahu drew parallels between New York’s status as a global tech hub and Israel’s contributions, suggesting that the collaboration could yield collective benefits for their citizens.

Mayor Eric Adams’ trip to Israel has deepened ties between New York and Israel and shed light on the remarkable advancements in Israel’s drone technology.