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Israeli Flight Instruction Put on Hold as Trainers Oppose Netanyahu’s Legal Adjustments

Jul 30, 2023

The Israeli Air Force is facing turbulence as almost half of the tutors for the helicopter pilot training curriculum decided to withhold their service, voicing their disagreement with the judicial transformation. This act of defiance has led to a decrease in flight operations and triggered worries within the Air Force.

The training hours for aspiring helicopter pilots in the Israeli Air Force have been cut short after a considerable fraction of standby instructors boycotted their duties, demonstrating their resistance to the government’s legal system reform.

Of the total 40 mentors involved in the curriculum, 18 have made their commanders aware of their decision to stop volunteering for the reserve service. Insiders from the Air Force anticipate a similar stance from others in the imminent days.

A striking reduction of 45 percent in the cadre of accessible tutors has led to the trimming of training hours in a particular module of the course by five hours, which accounts for five percent of the indispensable training duration. Despite the reduction in flight hours, the course’s tenure has remained unchanged. A further dip in flight operations is likely if more mentors decide to back out.

In the wake of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s policy to curtail judicial authority, there has been a gradual decline in the number of mentors across different stages and divisions of the course. This encompasses training programs for fighter pilots, helicopter pilots, cargo pilots, and others. Consequently, non-commissioned officers from the air force have found themselves taking on additional responsibilities, including participation in the selection process of course cadets.

Air Force authorities harbor concerns that many of the mentors taking part in the protest may lose their edge, making it challenging for them to resume course duties promptly. However, the military insists that the downsized flight hours have yet to cause a significant disturbance to the training itinerary.

Post the Knesset’s ratification of a bill that removes the court’s ability to overrule government actions considered unreasonable, a rising number of air crew members have withdrawn from their reserve duties.

Among the Israeli Air Force reservists active in the protest, figures show at least 830 of them, including 260 pilots, have declared their refusal to serve. Out of the 1,140 personnel from the Israeli Air Force who recently voiced their dissent by signing a letter threatening to refuse service, more than 70 percent have already followed through with their declared intentions.

In the week leading up to the bill’s endorsement, IDF Chief of Staff Herzl Halevi, during a visit to the Tel Nof Air Force Base, criticized the refusal to report for duty, claiming it negatively impacted the IDF. He emphasized the crucial role reservists play in the IDF and the ‘people’s army’ model that has lasted 75 years. Prior to this development, Air Force Commander Tomer Bar had encouraged base commanders to persuade their reservists to persist with their service commitments.

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