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Israel’s War Veteran Team Debuts At Prince Harry’s Invictus Games

Sep 13, 2023

War Veteran Team

For the inaugural time, an Israeli contingent of athletes will be participating in the esteemed Invictus Games, a series established by Prince Harry in 2014. The games help veterans scarred by war recover appropriately, and it allows various ex-military and security personnel from all over the world.

The 23rd Participating Nation

At this year’s event in Germany, a dedicated team of injured IDF athletes, led by the Disabled Veterans IDF Organization and the Rehabilitation Division of the Israeli Defense Ministry, has received approval to compete and has already arrived at the competition venue. The games commenced last Saturday and will end this weekend.

At the core of Prince Harry’s vision is the belief that sports can serve as a formidable vehicle for rehabilitation and a profound transformative experience for the participants. Ten sporting events will be held during the current edition of the games.

The Israeli squad comprises IDF veterans who have undergone extensive rehabilitation via sports training programs across the country. They will be competing in all the available sports, including hand cycling, table tennis, archery, and swimming.

Israel’s participation at this year’s event is pivotal, as the nation becomes the 23rd country to join the Invictus Games, signifying a collective dedication by the event’s organizers to rehabilitating wounded soldiers through sports. According to local media, a collaboration between Israel’s London Embassy, the Rehabilitation Division of the Defense Ministry, the Disabled Veterans IDF Organization, and military attachés enabled Israel’s participation in these games.

Sports And Rehabilitation

Idan Kaliman, the attorney who led the delegation and chaired the Disabled Veterans IDF Organization, stated that members of the organization were highly elated following the approval of their participation at the event. He further said being a part of the Invictus Games holds deep significance for the Israeli team.

Idan mentioned that they recognized the pivotal role of sports in rehabilitation and had installed sports centers in these veterans’ homes to help refine their capabilities. He added that the team is excited at the prospect of participating in the Invictus Games for the first time and is eager about what the team can achieve.

On behalf of the team, Idan expressed their gratitude towards Prince Harry for extending the invitation to the games, noting it as a vision he had successfully brought to life. He also noted that Prince Harry’s recognition of the war veterans’ homes is an exemplary model for global rehabilitation.

He reiterated that the memories from this event symbolize their shared belief in the crucial role of sports in the healing journey for these veterans. Israel’s remarkable entry into the Invictus Games serves as a testament to these war veterans’ determination to reintegrate themselves properly into society.