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Javier Milei, Argentina’s President-Elect, Announces Conversion to Judaism, Antisemites Immediately Attack Him

Nov 28, 2023

Historic Religious Shift

Javier Milei, the recently elected President of Argentina, has made a groundbreaking announcement about his intention to convert to Judaism. This decision marks a significant shift in the religious landscape of Argentine politics and represents a personal transformation for Milei.

Prioritizing Israel Ties

Milei’s commitment to strengthening Argentina’s relationship with Israel is evident in his actions and statements. He visited the Chabad-Lubavitch tent in Washington before meeting any American officials or representatives from the International Monetary Fund. His administration is poised to become one of the most pro-Israel governments in Argentina’s history, contrasting with the stance of other Latin American countries towards Israel’s strategy against Hamas.

Symbolic Gestures and Foreign Policy

In a symbolic gesture underscoring his dedication to Jewish culture and Israeli ties, Milei visited the grave of the renowned Orthodox Jewish rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson in Queens, New York. Dressed in black and wearing a kippah, this visit highlighted his respect for Jewish traditions. Milei’s foreign policy also seems to diverge from traditional Latin American views, focusing on a strong alliance with Israel.

A New Direction in Argentine Politics

Milei’s pro-Israel stance distinguishes Argentina within Latin America, especially given the region’s largest Jewish population. He has expressed plans to relocate the Argentine embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, signaling a significant shift in the country’s diplomatic posture. Additionally, his approach represents a contrast to the criticisms from leftist Latin American leaders regarding Israel’s actions in the Gaza Strip.

Javier Milei’s impending presidency, marked by his conversion to Judaism and a strong pro-Israel stance, signals a new chapter in Argentine politics, one that could redefine the country’s international relationships and internal cultural dynamics.

Antisemites Immediately Attack Him

All over social media now, antisemites and pro-Hamas accounts are attacking the new Argentinian president, claiming he is “bought and paid for” by Jews. Of course the anti-Semites will say this, another blood libel by the pro-Terrorism Islamo-Nazi propoganda machine.

It’s starting to feel like the antisemites are maybe just jealous that Israel and Jews are successful in almost everything they do, so much that even presidents of countries want to be Jewish and friendly with Israel. While every country that the Islamo-Nazis run is either in ruins or on the way to ruins or only staying above water because of their oil.