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Judith Weiss, Body of 65 Year Old Israeli Hostage Killed by Hamas Found Near Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza

Nov 16, 2023

May God Avenge Her Blood, May Her Memory be For a Blessing

The Palestinians killed her. She was taken alive, now she is dead. She was a 65 year old Jewish hostage, female, sick with cancer. When they saw IDF was close to taking the Al Shifa hospital compound they killed her and threw her body in a nearby alley. She was kidnapped on the 7th of October from Kibbutz Beri, a farming town bordering the Gaza strip.

October 7th Raw Video Footage
Credit: HamasVideo.com

Judith Weiss Kidnapping

The Israeli Defense Forces discovered the remains of a the woman, previously kidnapped by Hamas, in the vicinity of the Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza. A message from her family recently read: “Three months ago, Judith received a cancer diagnosis, she was kidnapped to Gaza days later. Her radiation therapy was planned to commence the week after the kidnapping; however, she is currently without any medical care. Attempts to communicate with the Red Cross have yielded no response.

Her Death at the Hands of Palestinian Terrorists

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have reported the discovery of an Israeli hostage’s remains in a structure close to the Shifa Hospital. Per the IDF’s release, Judith Weiss’s body was retrieved by IDF personnel from a location adjacent to Shifa Hospital in the Gaza Strip and subsequently transferred to Israel.

Judith Weiss, source i24news
source i24news

Within the premises where Weiss’s remains were located, various weapons, including a Kalashnikov and an RPG, were found. Following a formal identification process, IDF and police officials notified the family of Judith Weiss, who was abducted on October 7 from her residence in Kibbutz Beri, about her demise.

Kibbutz Beri, Southern Israel, October 7th 2023

On October 7, 2023, Kibbutz Be’eri, located near the Gaza Strip, witnessed a horrific onslaught. Approximately 70 terrorists from Hamas launched a devastating attack on this Israeli farming community. The brutality of this assault led to the death of at least 130 individuals, including vulnerable women, children, and infants, making up about 10% of Be’eri’s population. This event was not just a loss of lives; numerous homes within the community were also set ablaze.

The Assault’s Execution and the Community’s Plight

The attack, led by Palestinian Islamist terror group Hamas, Abed al Rahman of the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades’ Nuseirat Battalion, began in the early hours, approximately at 6:30 am, with rockets targeting the kibbutz. The attackers, employing motorcycles and vehicles for their incursion, overpowered the entrance’s security, marking the start of a house-to-house rampage.

During this chaos, many inhabitants sought refuge in safe rooms, but these sanctuaries were breached, leading to further fatalities. In a brutal turn, 50 people were taken hostage in a dining facility, while others were abducted to the Gaza Strip. The situation intensified into a standoff when the Israeli Defense Forces intervened.

A Humanitarian Perspective: Accounts of Atrocities

Yossi Landau, leading the regional relief organization ZAKA, shared distressing observations with Sky News. His findings indicated that approximately 80% of the recovered bodies displayed signs of torture. Among the most harrowing discoveries were two groups of children, each comprising ten, who were found tied and burned to death. These details underline the barbarity of the assault on Be’eri.