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Palestinian Authority Claims Nova Dance Festival Massacre Never Happened

Nov 21, 2023

Palestinian Authority’s Statement

Over the weekend, the Palestinian Authority released an official statement denying that Hamas executed the mass slaughter at the Nova music festival on October 7. Per the statement, which was sent to the United Nations and foreign ministries across the world, “Israeli jets” were behind the killing of more than 350 attendees of the music event.

Hamas also published a statement claiming that the hundreds of people killed were targeted by an IDF fighter jet.

Haaretz’s Publication on Police Investigation

Both Hamas and the Palestinian Authority referred to a police investigation report shared by Haaretz to back their claims. The Israeli news outlet reported a few days ago that an unidentified source revealed that police investigations allegedly indicated that an Israel Defence Forces jet likely hit the partygoers while firing at Hamas terrorists.

However, contrary to Hamas and the Palestinian Authority’s allegations, Haaretz didn’t mention that all the 350 individuals died as a result of an “IDF bombing.” Instead, the media house said only a few people were hit.

Per the Palestinian Authority’s statement, the IDF bombing led to the activation of the Hannibal Protocol, allowing the Israeli army to shoot at anyone. Therefore, the Palestinian Authority believes the Israeli government has been lying about the killings and destruction that happened at the Nova music festival.

Police Address Haaretz’s Publication

Meanwhile, Israeli police have released a statement addressing the publications on the Haaretz website. They argue that the first IDF jet arrived at the Nova festival at 11:15 a.m., hours after Hamas invaded the area and started killing attendees. Contrary to Haaretz’s publication, the Israeli police say their investigation doesn’t mention a single case of death caused by the IDF operations at the music event. The police have called on new outlets to rely on official sources before reporting anything.

Following the Palestinian Authority’s statement, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has responded by saying the accusations are far from the truth. However, he says he is not surprised by the allegations, considering that the Palestinian Authority has denied the Holocaust in the past.