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Palestinian Prisoner Left Prison Without Broken Arms, Videos Shows

Nov 29, 2023

Israel frees 30 Palestinian Detainees

On Tuesday, 30 Palestinian children who had been detained in Israel were released as part of the hostage-prisoner exchange agreement between the Israeli government and terror group Hamas. Among the freed detainees is Mohammed Nazzal, who, after reaching Gaza, claimed that he was tortured while in prison.

In an interview with Gaza media, Nazzal is seen wearing a bandage on his right hand as he tells the reporters that the Israeli Prison Service deliberately neglected fractures on his hands, thus leading to the current complications.

In another interview, the Palestinian doctors who conducted an examination on Nazzal’s arm claimed that the fracture needed a platinum implant in order to heal.

Nazzal’s Allegations Against Israeli Prison Service

Nazzal, who had been detained for three months before his release on Tuesday, alleged that the Israeli prison in which Palestinians were detained became “hell” after the October 7 attack. He told the reporters that prison guards would enter the cells and beat them up with metal bars.

Nazzal explained that one of the guards beat him with a metal bar a week ago. To protect himself, he said he put his hand on his head as the prison official continued beating him until his hand broke. He then claimed he was left untreated until yesterday.

The freed Palestinian kid went ahead to accuse the Israeli Prison Service of starving them, alleging that they were served with a plate of rice once a day. Moreover, Nazzal claimed that the prison guards took their blankets away and prevented them from taking a shower, then mocked them for smelling bad.

Video Evidence Shows Nazzal Left Israeli Prison Injury-Free

Nazzal’s accusations against the Israeli Prison Service are, however, suspicious. In a video shared on X, the young Palestinian boy is seen walking out of prison injury-free despite alleging in an interview that he sustained severe injuries a week ago.

Many believe that Hamas terrorists used Nazzal to spread propaganda like they have been doing in recent weeks.

About 117 Palestinians have been freed by Israeli authorities since Friday. Hamas, on the other hand, has so far released 39 hostages, with more set to be freed today.