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Palestinian Terrorist Group Uses Shifa Hospital in Gaza as Underground Military Base

Oct 27, 2023

Militant activities are being carried out both inside and beneath Shifa Hospital — and similarly in other hospitals in Gaza — linked by a series of tunnels.

~ IDF Spokesman

Shifa Hospital Hamas Base

During a media briefing, IDF Spokesman Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari shared with international journalists that Hamas is believed to have its central operations beneath Shifa Hospital in Gaza City.

Multiple Underground Facilities Beneath Shifa

Hagari mentions the existence of multiple underground facilities beneath Shifa — the premier hospital in Gaza — which he claims are utilized by Hamas leadership for planning and initiating attacks on Israel.

Hagari emphasized: “There’s credible intelligence indicating that a large number of militants took refuge in the hospital following the incidents on October 7.”

Furthermore, he revealed that intelligence points to the existence of various tunnels connecting to this underground hub from outside the hospital premises. This allows Hamas personnel to access the base without necessarily going through the hospital. However, there is also an internal entry point from one of the hospital wards.

Not Only Shifa

He remarked, “Militant activities are being carried out both inside and beneath Shifa Hospital — and similarly in other hospitals in Gaza — linked by a series of tunnels.” Hagari added, “Shifa isn’t an isolated case. The militant exploitation of medical facilities appears to be a recurring strategy.”

According to the IDF, there’s also a command post within Shifa Hospital from which rocket launches against Israel are coordinated, and it’s also used for weapon storage.

Hagari condemns Hamas for allegedly turning the hospital, which houses 1,500 beds and employs around 4,000 personnel, into a defensive shield.

“The strategy seems clear: use the Shifa Hospital as a protective cover for militant infrastructure,” said Hagari. “Launching operations from such medical facilities not only poses a threat to Israeli citizens but also jeopardizes innocent civilians in Gaza.”

He continued, “The reason for using medical facilities appears to be the understanding that the IDF differentiates between militants and non-combatants.”

Hamas Stealing Fuel From the Hospital Too

Hagari also stated that the energy systems of the hospital have been appropriated for the underground facility’s use.

Hagari credits the revelations to comprehensive intelligence gathered by the Military Intelligence Directorate and Shin Bet security agency and has shared this intelligence with allied nations.

He concluded by cautioning, “When medical infrastructures are misused for militant objectives, they might forfeit their immunity as per international regulations.”