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Palestinian Terrorists Strike Maternity Ward, Kill 57 Including Babies

Mar 26, 2024
Palestinian Terrorists Strike Maternity Ward, Kill 57 Including Babies

The Horrible Attack

In a harrowing incident that shook Gaza, Palestinian terrorists carried out a heinous attack within the maternity ward of Al Shifa Hospital, resulting in the deaths of 57 Palestinians, including women, babies, and medical staff. The terrorists, armed with AK47s, RPGs, and explosives, hid beneath beds where mothers cradle their newborns.

Amidst the chaos, five IDF soldiers sustained injuries. Beyond the lives lost, the attack underscored the appalling disregard for humanitarian values by these terrorists. As investigations unfold, questions arise about the motives behind this ruthless assault and the broader implications for regional stability.

Hamas Is Using Shifa Hospital As A Base For Attacks – IDF

Meanwhile, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has revealed that Hamas gunmen are using Shifa Hospital in Gaza City as a base for attacks. According to IDF Spokesman Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari, Hamas militants have been firing from the hospital’s emergency room, maternity ward, and burn ward while also launching explosive devices from the premises.

Rear Adm. Hagari emphasized that Hamas is “destroying” Shifa Hospital by using it for military purposes, violating international law that protects medical facilities in conflict zones. He stated that Hamas terrorists are also using it as a shield to hide behind the sick and injured.

IDF Reports Positivity From Shifa Raid

The IDF claims to have captured over 500 confirmed members of Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) at Shifa Hospital out of more than 800 suspects arrested since the raid began the previous week. Among those detained are several high-ranking Hamas and PIJ commanders, according to Israeli officials.

Responding to allegations of mistreatment towards patients, Rear Adm. Hagari asserted that the IDF operates with precision and care towards civilians and medical staff inside the hospital. However, Hamas has countered these claims, alleging that patients have died as a result of the ongoing IDF raid.

The terror group asserts that patients were deprived of medication and that their ventilators stopped working after Israeli forces cut hospital electricity.

Multiple War Fronts Across Gaza

Meanwhile, the conflict continues to escalate on multiple fronts. Rocket attacks from Gaza into Israeli towns, including Ashdod, have become increasingly rare but remain a threat. On Monday afternoon, Hamas claimed responsibility for firing eight rockets at Ashdod, two of which were intercepted by Israeli defenses.

In response to these attacks, the IDF has maintained a heightened state of readiness along the Gaza border. The IDF, led by the 98th Division, also conducted a new offensive against Hamas in the southern Strip, killing approximately 20 gunmen in the Al-Amal neighborhood of Khan Younis.

In the central Gaza region, the IDF’s Nahal Brigade engaged and neutralized multiple terrorist operatives, including one seen entering and leaving a tunnel. Israeli airstrikes have struck multiple locations throughout the Strip, utilizing attack helicopters and drones to eliminate further militant threats.

The situation in Rafah, located on the southern border of the Gaza Strip, remains particularly dire. Palestinian medics report heavy casualties, with 30 people killed in the past 24 hours alone. The population of Rafah has swelled due to displaced Palestinians fleeing the conflict region.

Israeli authorities have stated that Rafah represents Hamas’s final significant stronghold within Gaza. They argue that launching a ground offensive in Rafah will help them achieve their objective of eradicating Hamas. However, they have not yet outlined specific plans for safely relocating civilians before attempting such an operation.

Humanitarian Groups Raise Concerns for Civilians

Aid groups have raised concerns about the deteriorating conditions in Gaza, particularly at the European Gaza Hospital near Khan Younis. Surgeons visiting the hospital disclosed that patients are suffering from untreated wounds and shortages of essential medical supplies due to Israeli restrictions.

As the conflict enters its sixth month, the toll on civilians continues to mount, with no clear end in sight to the cycle of violence and suffering plaguing the region.