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Pause in Fighting Extended by Two More Days, Another 20 Hostages Are Expected to be Released

Nov 28, 2023

11 More Israeli Hostages Released

Today marks the release of an additional 11 Israeli captives, culminating in the liberation of 50 hostages as agreed upon during the recent four-day ceasefire. In a continuation of these efforts, Israel and Hamas have concurred on a two-day extension of the truce. This extension will see the freedom of 20 more Israeli captives. Correspondingly, Israel has committed to the release of 60 additional security detainees to Judea and Samaria, alongside an increase in humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip.

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9 Children, 2 Mothers

9 Children, 2 Mothers

In a recent development, Hamas has completed the transfer of the fourth group of Israeli captives, consisting of nine children and two mothers, into the care of the International Red Cross. These captives, all originating from Kibbutz Nir Oz, are currently en route to Israel.

84 Year Old Freed Hostage in Critical Condition

Meanwhile, one of the hostages released yesterday is currently under a life-threatening condition. The elderly woman’s daughter, Tali Amano, accused Hamas of neglecting her mother’s well-being while pretending to be good to hostages in front of cameras.

Kidnappers Interrogation Video

The Israeli Security Services investigation of Adham Husa and Ismail Husa, Hamas terrorists who were caught on the security cameras of Kibbutz Alumim kidnapping foreign citizens, and were later documented arriving with them at Shefa Hospital.

Video – Interrogation by Israeli Security Services

Palestinian Mob

In the video below you can see a mob of Palestinian civilians in Gaza surrounding the Red Cross vehicles, inside the vehicles are the babies and mothers who were handed over to the Red Cross by the Palestinian terror group Hamas earlier this evening.

Palestinian Terrorist Propaganda

Hamas published a “thank you letter” written by Daniel Aloni to her captors, a day before she was released with her daughter. The purpose of the letter, which Daniel was forced to write: to improve Hamas’ image in the world. Hamas terrorists obviously forced the hostage, a day before she was released, to write this letter. It is again a cynical use of civilian hostages and most certainly an abuse of human rights. A hostage who had to watch her family and neighbors be butchered. Who was held hostage underground for 51 days with her small children. Who was fed 2 pieces of bread per day. Forcing her to write a thank you letter. These terrorists are as much clowns as they are monsters.

Hundreds of Palestinian “Civilians” Took Part in the Massacres

Documented and confirmed footage by many independent sources prove that hundreds of “regular” Gazan “civilians” took part in the looting, killing, mutilating and raping of Israelis on the day of the brutal attack.

October 7th Raw Video Footage
Credit: HamasVideo.com

Videos of Gazans Taking Part in the Attacks

Below are a few more of the videos, as we do not want to show the extremely graphic ones, we will share with you the ones where you can see the Gazan civilians helping to kidnap a woman and burning property or walking through the open fence after the attacks began. If you want to see the raw and graphic videos you can go to hamasvideo.com and see the many videos where Palestinian civilians are taking part in the more gruesome parts of the attacks.

Gazans (not Hamas) kidnapping an Israeli woman

Gazans (not Hamas) kidnapping an Israeli woman