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Planning to Visit Israel in September? Check Out These Top Seven Events

Aug 30, 2023

Top Seven September Events

As the summer season comes to an end, there are still several events and festivities set for September in Israel. During that month, the weather in this country cools down, with coastal regions such as Tel Aviv experiencing temperatures of between 23°C – 28°C. Here are our recommended events to check out once you get to Israel.

We Will Rock You Musical

The sensational We Will Rock You Musical by the Queen and Ben Elton band is coming to Tel Aviv at the Israeli Opera, starting September 1 to September 14. The show will feature over 50 talented individuals, including musicians, actors, and dancers. The Queen and Ben Elton band is known to offer the audience an unforgettable experience, so the show in Tel Aviv will likely meet attendees’ expectations. Tickets are now on sale. To buy one, visit israel-opera.co.il.

TLV Coffee Fest

Are you a coffee lover? You are welcomed at Tel Aviv’s annual Coffee Fest from September 5 to September 7. The famous Park HaTachana will host the event. Expect to taste a variety of coffee flavors while there. You don’t have to be a coffee fan to attend the TLV Coffee Fest. Curious newcomers are also invited.

International Chamber Music Festival

The yearly International Chamber Music Festival is set for September in Jerusalem. The event will happen from 5th to 9th at the YMCA auditorium. It will feature Israeli artists and popular international musicians. The International Chamber Music Festival organizers have promised electrifying performances to those who will be attending. The tickets are currently priced between 60 ILS ($15) and 290 ILS ($77).

Tel Aviv Wine Festival

The 5th edition of the Tel Aviv Wine Festival will happen on September 7. With more than 40 importers and wineries, including Binyamina, Herzog, Shiloh, Tzipori, Shiloh, and many more, expect a day full of excellent taste. The event organizers have also planned live performances from various artists and a DJ. The entrance fee is 129 ILS ($33). Note that all bottles of wine will be sold at great discounts.

This year’s Tel Aviv Wine Festival takes place at Ofer Mall from 6 pm to 11 pm.

Selichot Prayers

If you wish to experience Israel’s rich heritage and history, the Selichot prayers give you that opportunity. Selichot is a collection of psalms and passages said a few days before the Jewish New Year and the Jewish Day of Repentance. From September 9, you can witness the Selichot said at Jerusalem’s Western Wall. These prayers are usually said a few minutes before midnight. However, in some cases, they are narrated just before sunrise.

Rosh Hashanah

Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish New Year. To those who will be celebrating., Happy New Year! The 2-day holiday means most businesses in Israel won’t be operational during that period. So it is important to keep that in mind as a visitor. This year’s Rosh Hashanah starts from September 15 to September 17.

One of the best ways to be part of these celebrations is by visiting Jerusalem’s Western Wall to listen to the Selichot prayers. You can also go to the synagogue for a special holiday service. After the service, the Shofar will be blown about 100 times to symbolize the sovereignty of God over the universe.

Yom Kippur

Yom Kippur (Jewish the Day of Atonement) is a day of fasting. It happens ten days after ushering in the Jewish New Year. This year’s Yom Kippur will start on September 24 and end the following day. During this period, businesses will remain closed. Notably, Israel’s main airport, Ben Gurion, will also not operate.

Moreover, even though it’s not illegal to drive during Yom Kippur, you will rarely find vehicles on the roads because most citizens avoid driving. However, you will come across people riding bikes. As a visitor, this is the perfect time to explore Israel’s major cities by bike.


With Israel being one of the world’s leading tourist destinations, there is always something to do in the country regardless of the season. For a great Israeli experience, make sure to be part of any of our recommended events when you visit Israel in September.