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Redmond Mayor’s Daughter Exposed Ripping Down Israeli Hostage Flyers at USC

Nov 11, 2023

Angela Birney’s Daughter Caught in Antisemitic Act

Rachel Birney is the latest person found tearing down flyers displaying Jewish people taken captive by terror group Hamas. Notably, Rachel is the daughter of Redmond Mayor Angela Birney. Ever since the video featuring Rachel was shared on X, Israel supporters have demanded her removal from the University of Southern California (USC).

The Mayor has not responded to her daughter’s controversy. Instead, she has opted to make her X account private, probably to avoid being criticized.

In the viral video, Rachel, who is currently pursuing a PhD, can be seen ripping down flyers from USC’s announcement wall. When the man filming asks her why she was taking them down, she only responds with a “hey” while smiling as she continues to rip down more flyers.

The man then tells Rachel that what she was doing was not funny. The Mayor’s daughter responded by saying Israel was committing genocide in Gaza.

StopAntisemitism Continues to Expose Anti-Semites

Rachel is among the many individuals who have been exposed by non-profit organization StopAntisemitism for publicly demonstrating their hate for Israel and the Jewish people. Since the wars started, StopAntisemitism has shared several videos of people drawing swastikas and insulting the Jews.

Meanwhile, the University of Southern California has issued a statement addressing the latest incident. The learning institution says it is aware of the viral video and has already launched investigations. USDC is also urging students to respect the views of others.

Mayor Angela Birney Remains Silent

As mentioned, the Redmond Mayor has yet to comment on the incident involving her daughter. Although she has made her X account private, her Facebook account remains public. This has given angry individuals an opportunity to criticize Angela. One Facebook user has told the Mayor she does not deserve to hold public office, while another says Rachel learned to hate the Jewish people from someone, claiming it could be from her parents.

Rachel isn’t the first American to have been caught pulling down posters of kidnapped Israelis. A few days ago, a woman was recorded ripping down flyers outside Seattle University while accusing Israel of committing genocide.