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Nov 24, 2023

“UN Women” Report

On October 20th, following the Hamas terror attack on Israel, the ‘UN Women’ organization published a detailed report under the name “UN Women Rapid Assessment and Humanitarian Response in the Occupied Palestinian Territory” followed by an official UN Women statement on October 27th under the name “In-focus: The conflict in Gaza”. The organization repeatedly failed to address the current situation as it is and is actively and knowingly working to create a false and insidious narrative.

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The campaign #MeToo_UNless_UR_a_Jew is a movement that seeks to provide a voice for women still held hostage or missing in Gaza. It criticizes the silence and apparent double standards of international organizations like UN Women in addressing sexual violence and gender-based violence, particularly regarding Jewish or Israeli women. The campaign has been supported by various individuals, including Sheryl Sandberg, former COO of Meta, and entrepreneurs Danielle Ofek and Nataly Livski.

Sandberg, in her op-ed for CNN, emphasized that rape should never be used as a weapon of war, addressing the resentment felt by many Israeli and Jewish advocates over the skepticism or rejection of claims that Hamas terrorists raped Israeli women during their assault on Israel on October 7. This event has been a point of contention, with Israeli police and military investigators gathering testimony and documenting evidence of assaults, yet facing disbelief and silence from the international community​​.

Lack of Response to the Violence Against Jewish and Israeli Women

The Me Too International movement initially did not mention the sexual violence that occurred in Israel in their statement on the war. However, following feedback from survivors, they updated their statement to include unequivocal support for ALL survivors of sexual violence, including Israeli women​​.

UN Women, the United Nations entity dedicated to gender equality, has been particularly criticized for their lack of response to the violence against Jewish and Israeli women, while issuing reports on the state of Palestinian women and children in Gaza. Israeli journalist Rotem Izak and more than 140 other women’s groups have called on UN Women to condemn the Hamas attack and recognize the violence against women and girls​​.

The #MeToo_UNless_UR_a_Jew campaign, led by Ofek and Livski, includes a petition drive and social media awareness, featuring prominent Israeli women on posters and highlighting companies that support UN Women, like Coca Cola and Unilever. The campaign coincides with the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence beginning November 25​​​​.

This movement highlights the challenges and complexities in global advocacy for women’s rights, especially in conflict zones, and the perceived biases in international organizations’ responses to violence against women based on geographic and ethnic lines.

GRAPHIC WARNING October 7th Raw Video Footage
Credit: HamasVideo.com

How This All Started – October 7th Massacres

The Israel-Hamas War of 2023 began abruptly on October 7th, when Hamas orchestrated a comprehensive land, sea, and air assault on Israel from the Gaza Strip. This attack, coinciding with the Jewish holiday of Shemini Atzeret, caught many by surprise, especially as many IDF soldiers were on leave.

The assault was unprecedented in its scale, launching over 2,200 rockets in 20 minutes, breaching the border with explosives and bulldozers, and even infiltrating via motorboats and paragliders.

This devastating attack resulted in over 1,200 deaths, multiple instances of sexual violence and rape, mutilations, kidnappings of babies, women and children and various other atrocities perpetrated on Israelis by the Palestinian attackers and mobs, marking it as the deadliest day for Israel since its independence​​.

In response, the IDF declared a state of alert and began mobilizing its reserves, calling up more than 350,000 over the following days. By October 8th, Israel had declared itself in a state of war, the first time since the Yom Kippur War in 1973.

Air strikes were initiated in the Gaza Strip, and a total siege was imposed, cutting off essential supplies. The war saw the difficulty in targeting terrorists and their weapon caches due to Gaza’s intricate network of tunnels, complicating rescue efforts for the hostages taken by Hamas​​.

While the war primarily centered on the Gaza Strip, it wasn’t confined to it. IDF intensified its raids in the West Bank and conducted airstrikes for the first time since the second intifada. Skirmishes with Hezbollah near the Lebanese border raised fears of a second front.

Even the Houthi forces in Yemen attempted strikes on southern Israel, indicating a broader coordination among Iran-led resistance factions.