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Taysir Mubasher, Top Hamas Commander Eliminated in IDF Airstrikes

Oct 26, 2023

IDF Kills Taysir Mubasher

On Wednesday, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) killed Taysir Mubasher, a senior commander of the terror group Hamas. The Jewish military said Mubasher role involved directing attacks on Hamas’ targets.

The IDF also revealed that Mubasher was the Hamas leader who directed a deadly attack against Atzmona pre-military academy back in 2002. The assault led to the deaths of five students, with several sustaining severe injuries. Two years later, the Hamas commander oversaw the production of explosives that murdered a Jewish soldier in Gush Katif.

Per the IDF report, Mubasher ordered the launch of over 300 rockets on Israel when he was in power, which left several Jews dead. Moreover, the Israeli security agency said the Hamas commander was related to Mohammed Deif, the terror group’s head of military.

IDF Destroys More Targets

Besides Taysir Mubasher, the IDF airstrikes hit various targets on Wednesday, including Hamas’ headquarters, the group’s launching positions for anti-tank missiles, tunnel shafts, and ammunition depots. Moreover, the Israeli said it had destroyed Hamas blockades, which have made it challenging for Palestinians living in northern Gaza to relocate to the southern part of the region.

Since last week, Israel has been urging Gazans to leave northern Gaza as the IDF prepares for a ground offensive in the area. However, there have been calls from Western countries requesting Israel to prioritize the release of hostages over invading the Gaza Strip. Yesterday, the Jewish state said it had temporarily halted its invasion plans to allow the United States to keep measures in place for protecting Middle East-based American troops.

Hamas Says the IDF Killed Over 700 Palestinians on Wednesday

Following Wednesday’s airstrikes on Gaza, the Hamas-managed Ministry of Health said over 700 Palestinians, including 302 children, lost their lives. Hamas, however, has been accused of exaggerating the death toll since the war began. Therefore, it’s still unclear if the numbers are genuine.

Last Friday, Hamas reported that the airstrike on Al Ahli hospital, which the terror group alleged was executed by the IDF, had killed over 450 Palestinians. However, it was later discovered that the Islamic Jihad terrorist group rocket misfired and landed in the car parking area of the hospital, and approximately 50 individuals died.