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The Anti-Israel Anti-Jewish Agenda: The Truth About the Axis of Evil Against Israel and the West

Jan 15, 2024

Anti-Israel Anti-Jewish Agenda

Besides the tension in Gaza due to the war initiated by the Hamas terrorist group, there have been several other cases of “Anti-Israel Anti-Jewish” agenda by various organizations and in multiple nations. Some of these groups include Yemen’s Houthi rebels, Palestinian terrorists and Islamist terrorist groups like Hezbollah.

Also, nations with similar agendas include Russian President Vladimir Putin, China’s communist regime, South Africa, Syria, Iran, and Turkey’s genocidal regime. These organizations and countries openly express their hostility towards Israel and Jewish communities.

Yemen’s Houthi Rebels

The Houthi rebels in Yemen have aligned themselves against Israel, performing varying acts of violence and heinous crimes against their own populations such as child exploitation, mass killings, and starvation of their population.

Palestinian Extremist Groups

Certain Palestinian factions have engaged in acts that extend beyond the pursuit of a Palestinian state. Such actions include airplane hijackings and terror attacks against the Jews and Israeli citizens and civilians, their leaders also are corrupt and squander the money given to them which they used to live luxurious lifestyles in Qatar.

Russia’s Role

Under the leadership of Putin, Russia has been running a genocidal regime (the war in Ukraine), suppressing dissent by imprisoning critics. Despite historical ties between Russia and Israel, there are instances where Russian policies align with those critical of Israel and Russia and for many years supported ani Israel sentiment and even helped the Palestinian terrorist groups in many documented instances.

China’s Ethics

The Chinese government has faced international criticism for its actions, including allegations of genocide against ethnic minorities and threats towards Taiwan. Their alignment with anti-Israel efforts is evident.

South Africa’s Troubles

A once-heralded example of overcoming racial injustice, South Africa now grapples with accusations of corruption and racial tension. The current situation makes it a challenging place for Israel and the Jewish people to live.

Syrian Regime’s Atrocities

There are documented reports that the Syrian government, led by Bashar al-Assad, has been committing genocide against its own people, utilizing chemical weapons and causing the death of millions. The regime has also been a vocal critic of Israeli actions following Hamas’s terror attack on October 7, 2023.

Islamist Extremism

Groups like Hezbollah and ISIS, driven by extremist ideologies, have consistently expressed hostility towards Israel and engaged in acts of terror against Israel and other western democracies. The religious dimension further complicates the geopolitical landscape.

Iran’s Controversial Regime

The Iranian government, known for its oppressive tactics against dissent and daily executions, is among the notable names driving the anti-Israel agenda. Its support for extremist groups and hostile rhetoric adds to the global concern.

Turkey’s Complex Dynamics

Following accusations of racial cleansing against Armenians, Kurds, Greeks, and Jews, Turkey’s democracy is a façade. Furthermore, the actions of its current leadership show its hatred for Israel and Jews.

Massive Anti-Israel Protest In London

In another display of hate against Israel, more than 200,000 pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel protesters flooded the streets of central London on Saturday. The demonstration opposed Israel’s retaliatory actions in the Gaza Strip despite the nation being the victim of a terror attack.

However, the police arrested three individuals for distributing leaflets praising the October 7 onslaught. The flyers supported Hamas’s actions, stating that they were bold military measures against Israel.

Global Dimensions

The London march, particularly significant due to the recent UK airstrikes in Yemen, involved chants expressing solidarity with Houthi rebels, who were responsible for attacks on ships in the Red Sea. Protesters also called for an “intifada” or uprising and expressed chants hinting at the destruction of Israel, stating, “We don’t want two states, Palestine ’48.”