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The Race for Sinwar’s Head: “His Elimination Will Bring About a Quicker Release of the Hostages”

Dec 9, 2023

Intelligence Efforts to Locate Sinwar

A senior Israeli security official said “there is a very large intelligence effort” underway to locate the Hamas leader. According to him, Sinwar did not correctly assess the strength of the IDF’s response and “is still in shock from the maneuver and operations in Al Shifa”.

Meanwhile, the security establishment estimates that the operations in the southern Strip will fulfill the war’s objectives. A senior security source claimed this evening (Sunday) that the elimination of Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar “will lead to a change in the formula for releasing hostages”, and that intelligence efforts are being made to locate him:

“There is a very large intelligence effort for Sinwar’s head.”

Damage to Hamas

Meanwhile, the security system estimates that during the next day, it will be possible to publish military achievements regarding damage to Hamas that affected Sinwar and the head of the organization’s military wing, Muhammad Deif, to control forces in the field.

According to estimates, expanding ground operations towards Khan Yunis and Rafah will be more effective than the first stage of fighting in the northern Strip.

The operations in the south, towards the last control centers of Hamas, will complete the goals set by the political echelon and will lead to the destruction of the organization’s governmental and military capabilities.

October 7th Raw Video Footage
Credit: HamasVideo.com

Sinwar Murders Palestinians

The senior security official clarified that “Sinwar holds a messianic view but acts in a sophisticated manner. He is a cruel person. A murderer. He murdered Palestinians whom he suspected of collaborating with Israel through lynching”.

“Sinwar thought that the fronts in Judea and Samaria, inside Israel, and Lebanon would unite against us. He was wrong. He also misjudged Israeli cohesiveness. He thought Israel was weak. Sinwar also erred in his assessment of the IDF’s military response. He is still in shock from the maneuver in Gaza and certainly from the destruction of the tunnels in Al Shifa hospital, Gaza, and other places.”