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Top Comedian Could Lose Industry Relevance Over Antisemitic Actions

Mar 11, 2024
Amanda Seales antisemitism

Amanda Seales’ Antisemitic Actions

In a flurry of social media activity, actress, comedian, and podcast host Amanda Seales took to her Instagram account, where she boasts an expansive following, to express her views on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Seales posted a series of Instagram stories defending Hamas, claiming that labeling them as terrorists is unjust. She added that they should be considered people rather than demonized as the “big bad wolf.”

Seales went on to argue that even if Hamas were the “oppressor,” they lack the tools and capabilities that Israel possesses. In subsequent posts, Seales uploaded a tweet screenshot alleging that Israel is using white superiority on Palestinians.

In other videos, she accused Israel of enacting racism not only towards Palestinians but also towards Black people. Seales further insinuated that Jews support the Black community from a supremacist standpoint and opined that the black community should not trust those whose generosity stems from dominance.

Seales Instigated Students To Chant Antisemitism Slogans

Furthermore, Seales shared a video of children chanting a slogan widely interpreted as a call for the eradication of Israel. In another post, she defended the chant, stating that it was a denouncement of what she termed “Zionist oppression,” suggesting that if Israel needs to cease to exist, then so be it.

She also accused politicians of supporting Israel solely for monetary and political gain. Seales’s social media activity did not stop there. She shared videos from anti-Israel media outlets that downplayed the atrocities committed by Hamas, claiming that Hamas is the victim as Israel enslaves.

In another post, she stated that “terrorism is necessary” against “white folks that are terrorizing.” Seales also used her platform to advocate for a boycott of Israel and criticized the United States for its support of Israel in its conflict with Hamas.

Seales Loses Ties With Several Industry Elites

Based on her actions, it is no surprise that Seales has been dropped by her label, and many industry players have severed ties with her. Also, many have emailed the University of Maryland (UMD) President demanding that Seales be dropped from an upcoming social justice board dubbed “Lift Every Voice.” The program, organized by “Artists for Social and Racial Justice,” is scheduled for April 12th.

Other Recent Incidents of Antisemitism

Like Seales, Thomas Dodson, a Brooklyn-based UX writer/editor, lost his job after absolving the Hamas terrorist group of being involved in rape and other atrocities against Israel. Similarly, Nurse John Allen, an anesthetist at Carle Richland Memorial Hospital, lost his job after praising Hamas and Hezbollah for their actions on October 7th, 2023, and making several anti-Jewish statements.