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Two Palestinian “Journalists” Who Celebrated the Massacre of Jews on the 7th of October Killed in Israeli Airstrikes

Nov 19, 2023

Sari Mansour and Husamna Salim

The 2 Palestinian “Journalists” have been reportedly killed in airstrikes. Both of them celebrated on the 7th of October, on their Facebook pages, which have hundreds of thousands of followers.

On the 7th of October, while Israelis were still being slaughtered, raped, mutilated and burned, Sari wrote in his group “We are in a dream, we just saw 4 live Israeli soldier captives paraded in our town“. Husamna also celebrated the massacres in his own Facebook page.

7 October 2023 We are in a dream we just saw four live Israeli soldier captives paraded in town

Glorifying Terrorism and Acts of Barbarism

It is nothing new, seeing Palestinians glorifying acts of terrorism, acts of barbarism. They are raised from a very young age in the way of Jew hatred, martyrdom, darkness, self-destruction, jihad and antisemitism. It is a well known fact that from first grade Palestinians are taught math with the question “If there are 5 Jews and you kill 2 of them, how many Jews are left?“.

A Reminder of How This War Began

A sad reminder of why this war began on the 7th of October, the most deadly day for Jews since the Holocaust.

October 7th Raw Video Footage
Credit: HamasVideo.com

What are Israeli Children Taught?

In Israel children are taught the same math lesson with apples, oranges and cats. Maybe this is why we fell asleep on our noses, why the 7th of October happened. We do not teach our children about the Middle East, about terrorism, about how a large portion of society, Muslims, Christians too, hate us and want to kill us just for being Jews.

We should be teaching our kids to be more vigilant. That living in the Middle East is no picnic. That we are surrounded by Islamist nations with Iranian proxy militias that are just waiting for the moment to catch us with our eyes off the ball. Whatever we do we need to make sure this never happens again.

Of Course They Did Not Deserve to Die

Of course these 2 Palestinian “journalists” did not deserve to die. They were just doing a job, bringing home bread for their families. They had families, they had friends, they even had their own opinions and beliefs. They were wrong to glorify terrorism and barbarism. They were wrong to incite hatred of Jews within their communities, but that is how they were brought up.

Whatever they did wrong they were not a direct threat. Many will tell you that all deaths in Gaza and the West Bank are the fault of Hamas, who use human shields. This is true to a certain extent. And war is war. When this war is done I can only hope lessons will be learned.

Maybe Israel is also to blame for not trying to do enough to de-radicalize and de-escalate things in the past decades. Maybe Israel is also to blame for not doing enough to negotiate peace and stability and for continuing to build settlements in the West Bank. We tried to go for normalization deals with other Arab nations, hoping the effect would be a stabilizing one in Gaza and in the West Bank too.

Well, does it matter right now who is to blame? People are dying, even if the way they lived sickens me, glorifying the death of my people? They still did not deserve death I say, specially these 2 journalists, they were just living how they were brought up to live, working to feed their families, right?

Praying for a Brighter Future

I know that most Israelis hope for a stable, secure, peaceful future. We and our government do NOT just wish for all of our enemies to be destroyed. This is too much for us to stomach. It would mean wiping out millions of people. We can wipe out Gaza, the West Bank, Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen Houthis. We can flatten all these countries in less than a day. We do not want to do that though, it goes against our beliefs. We are a God fearing and loving people.

We just want a life of security and stability for future generations.
We will do what we must to get there.
I am sorry that these journalists were killed.
I am sorry that civilians in Gaza are being killed.
I hope for a better future for us all.
Without Hamas, without terrorism, without rockets.
Without war. Where all religions can live in peace in the Middle East.
Where children don’t die from bombs.
Where women are not raped by terrorists and burned alive.
Where elderly people are not kidnapped and used as bargaining chips.

I want this to end. We want this to end. I don’t know what the future holds, I just hope it will be better than this.

For now, we fight..