• Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

Houthi’s Missiles Intercepted

The United States Navy has reported that it intercepted missiles fired from Yemen on Thursday, a day after US bases in Syria and Iraq came under drone attacks, leaving several soldiers with minor injuries.

The American Navy said its warship (USS Carney), which is currently in the northern part of the Mediterranean Sea, shot down three missiles fired from Yemen by Houthi forces. The intervention potentially represents the first attempt by the American military to defend Israel. Meanwhile, Pentagon press secretary Pat Ryder has released a statement saying that it is still investigating to determine what part of Israel was being targeted by the missiles.

What is Fueling the Latest Attacks on Israel?

The increasing incidents of missiles fired toward Israel come a few days after a Gaza-based hospital was bombed, with many Muslim nations pointing fingers at the Jewish country. Although Israel has targeted Gaza severally in response to the October 7 attack executed by Hamas, it has dismissed claims that its military was behind the al-Ahli hospital attack, which reportedly caused the deaths of more than 400 Palenstines. Moreover, the United States said its intelligence examination found that the Israel Defense Force was not responsible for the blast.

Since the hospital attack, four US military bases in the Middle East have been attacked by terror groups operating in the region. While some of these groups have claimed responsibility, the US government says it has yet to confirm who was behind the attacks.

Meanwhile, Ryder claims that the US military’s move to intercept Houthi forces’ missiles was necessary as the terror group posed a massive threat. He adds that the United States will do whatever it takes to protect its Middle East partners.

Houthi Expresses Support for Palestinians

Houthi has supported Palestinians since the Israel-Hamas war began. Last week, the group’s fighters took to the streets of Yemen’s Sanaa to protest against Israel’s attacks on Gaza while waving Palestinian and Yemeni flags.

The Houthi leader Abdel-Malek al-Houthi has warned the US against helping Israel in the ongoing fight, threatening to direct his group members to send missiles to American military bases in the Middle East.