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US President Connects Hamas Attack to Increased Diplomacy Between Saudi Arabia and Israel

Oct 22, 2023

Biden Reveals Possible Reason Behind Hamas Attack on Israel

On Friday, United States President Joe Biden said one of the possible reasons that led to Hamas attacking Israel on October 7 was the increased diplomacy between Saudi Arabia and Israel. Speaking at a campaign fundraiser, Biden claimed that the Hamas terrorists knew he was about to hold talks with Saudi Arabia, and that’s why they attacked Israel.

According to the US president, the oil-rich country was willing to recognize Israel. The two Middle East nations have been working to resolve their issues and foster healthy relations, with Biden as their mediator.

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told The Associated Press last month that Biden’s government had the potential to seal a historic peace deal between Saudi Arabia and Israel. Among the things that Saudis demanded for the deal to be closed was expanded rights for Palestinians.

Ongoing War Stalls Peace Talks Between Saudi Arabia and Israel

However, following the Hamas assault on the Jewish country earlier this month, the talks to have a peace agreement in place have stalled. Senator Joni Ernst says she was in Riyadh when Israel came under attack. Per her statement, she had just met with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and held positive discussions about the peace deal with Israel when she heard about the Hamas attack.

While Ernst remains optimistic that the agreement between Saudi Arabia and Israel can still be sealed, she acknowledges that it may take time to happen, arguing that the war has made the US mediation task harder.

Did Iran Play a Role in the Attack on Israel?

Although United States government officials haven’t linked Iran to the October 7 assault on Israel, some lawmakers like Senator James Lankford are convinced that Iran is working with the Hamas terrorists to disrupt the advancing deal between Saudi Arabia and Israel. Moreover, Lankford claims that Iran does not want peace agreements between Israel and Arabic nations like Bahrain and Morocco to happen.

Nonetheless, while most Arabic countries did not condemn the Hamas attack, Bahrain and Morrocco were quick to disapprove of the terror group’s actions. The UAE also published several statements condemning Hamas.