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US Troops in Iraq Suffer Minor Injuries After Drones Target Military Bases

Oct 19, 2023

Drone Attacks on the US Military Bases in Iraq

On Wednesday, Iraq-based US military forces came under two drone attacks that left some soldiers with minor injuries. The spokesperson of the military troops, whom Reuter interviewed, did not mention who was behind the attacks on the al-Harir and al-Asad air bases.

The US government remains on high alert for activities by militant groups operating within Iraq as tension continues to soar amid the war between Israel and Hamas.

According to the unidentified spokesperson, the first attack involved two drones directed at the Al-Asad base. Although the US soldiers managed to intercept them, they still exploded, damaging a few equipment and injuring some soldiers. The second attack involved one drone and was directed at the al-Harir base.

Kurdistan Counter Terrorism, an Iraq-based security agency, said the drone involved in the second attack missed its target and landed in a desert near Batas, a village in Harir district.

Iraq-Based Militant Group Claims Responsibility for the Drone Attacks

Meanwhile, a little-known militant group, the Inheritor or Tashkill al-Waritheen, is claiming responsibility for the two drone attacks. The Inheritor was among the criminal organizations that threatened to attack the US military bases with drones and missiles if President Joe Biden ordered his military forces to join Israel in fighting against Hamas.

The US is yet to join the ongoing war. However, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin announced earlier this week that a Navy Carrier had already arrived in the Eastern Mediterranean to intervene in the war if need be.

The Gaza Hospital: Who Was Behind It?

The drone attacks came hours after the Gaza hospital was targeted, with over 450 Palestinians losing their lives. Palestinian officials accused Israel of the attack. However, the Jewish nation has since denied their involvement, blaming the Jihad group for the explosion, arguing that the terror group had misfired its rocket.

In Iraq, Shia leader Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani has led Iraqi leaders in condemning Israel, as they blame Israel Defense Forces for the Gaza Hospital attack. Moreover, Sistani says all Western countries that support Israel are playing a role in the “terrible brutality” happening in Gaza.