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Video: Al Shifa Hospital MRI Building in Gaza Was Hiding Place of 200 Hamas Terrorists Right After 7th October Massacres

Nov 16, 2023

Evidence Shows Al Shifa Hosted Hamas Terrorists

On Wednesday, the Israeli soldiers raided the biggest hospital in Gaza, Al Shifa, where they discovered weapons, combat gear, and a command center belonging to Hamas, the Palestinian terror group that infiltrated the Israeli territory last month, killing over 1,200 people.

Over the last two weeks, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) had made Al Shifa a major target, as it claimed that Hamas fighters were using the facility to hide from Israeli troops and conduct their operations. IDF spokesperson Daniel Hagari told the press yesterday that over 200 terrorists had been hiding inside Al Shifa after murdering innocent people on October 7th.

In response to the Al Shifa raid, Hamas dismissed Hagari’s report, calling it “cheap propaganda and lies.” To prove that the terror group was using the hospital as a command center and a hiding place, the IDF shared a video showing the materials that the soldiers recovered, including flak jackets, grenades, weapons, and ammunition.

Israeli Prime Minister Praises IDF

Israel has said severally that Al Shifa was hosting Hamas headquarters, claims that have been backed by the United States intelligence. Praising the hospital raid, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said there is no hideout in Gaza and that the IDF will continue reaching and eliminating Hamas terrorists.

Meanwhile, Hagari said the Israeli troops entered Al Shifa Hospital after engaging and killing several Hamas fighters outside the facility. According to the spokesman, there was no fight nor friction with medical workers, patients, and civilians when IDF soldiers accessed the hospital.

Video – IDF Delivers Incubators and Medical Supplies to Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza

On its X account, the Israeli army shared photos of soldiers standing beside boxes labeled “baby food” and “medical supplies” at a location that popular news outlet Reuters confirmed was inside the Al Shifa Hospital. The humanitarian aid was delivered by the Israel Defense Forces during the raid.

WHO Criticizes IDF

Following the IDF’s operation in Al Shifa, the World Health Organization (WHO) has expressed concerns over the safety of hundreds of people stuck inside the healthcare facility. In a statement, WHO president Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said yesterday that the Al Shifa raid was unacceptable, arguing that it endangered patients and medical staff lives.