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Video: Hamas’ New Propaganda Video of “Dead Baby” is a Plastic Doll

Dec 2, 2023

Latest Hamas’ Propaganda Video Features a Plastic Doll

On Friday, popular activist Shaun King shared a video clip on X featuring a Palestinian grandfather mourning over the death of his “grandchild.” The elderly man is heard blaming Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for his loss.

However, several X users, including ‘Viral News NYC,’ ‘Never Again UK,’ and ‘End Wokeness,’ were quick to label the clip as another Hamas propaganda video after discovering that the Palestinian man was only holding a plastic doll, not a dead baby.

King, who describes himself as the voice of the oppressed, has seen his video surpass 2.5 million views in less than 24 hours. The man holding a plastic doll in the footage told Gulf countries to stop shipping oil products to the United States and the West as a punishment for supporting Israel in the ongoing war.

Is Al Jeezera Helping Hamas Spread Propaganda?

Meanwhile, Al Jazeera shared the same video but with blurred edits on the “dead baby.” The news outlet then claimed that the alleged baby was born a few days after the Hamas-Israel conflict began. According to Al Jazeera, the IDF bombed the building in which the baby and his mother took shelter.

It’s unclear whether the Arabic media house edited the video in an attempt to mislead the public or it posted the clip without proper research. But despite several X users commenting under the video that the baby was fake, Al Jazeera has not pulled it down as of this writing.

Al Jeezera Criticized for Being Biased

The video, however, has not been published on the news outlet’s website, where other clips of numerous Palestinians mourning over the death of baby dolls are available. Al Jazeera has come under heavy criticism in recent weeks over its biased reporting of news related to the ongoing war. Last week, a video of a reporter from the Arabic media house in which he cut off a Palestinian who condemned Hamas made rounds on X.

Israeli foreign ministry, which has labeled Al Jazeera’s website as a “pro-Hamas” platform, said last month that it was monitoring the site and would soon ask relevant authorities to shut it down.