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Video – In Gaza Hamas is Using Children Dolls in Schools and UNRWA Bags to Hide Weapons

Dec 9, 2023

Human Shield Tactics

Palestinian terror groups are known and condemned by the international community for using civilians, places of prayer and children as human shields. When civilians in Gaza or the West Bank get killed they cry “genocide” – this is how they plan to win their in the propaganda war against the Jewish nation.

Why Does Hamas Use Schools as Battle Grounds?

In the past Israeli Forces were apprehensive about targeting terrorists using schools, hospitals or mosques. Since October 7th this has changed, the IDF are hunting down Hamas and other terrorist groups no matter where they hide, be it in tunnels under schools, hospitals or inside mosques. This is being used however by the pro-Hamas propagandists on social media against Israel.

How Can You Help Spread the Truth?

You can share this article or the video, or the tweet above showing the truth, how the Palestinian terror groups use schools and children as human shields. Which is a war crime. Anyone who sees civilians being killed in Gaza can see that the terrorist groups are using the civilians on purpose knowing that they will be killed. Israel must defend herself and Hamas is to blame for any human shield civilians that are killed.

UNRWA and the United Nations are Being Manipulated and Used by Terrorists

In the video (and in the images below) you can see how UNRWA bags are also used to transfer and hide weapons:

UNRWA and United Nations workers have known for decades that Hamas and other Palestinian terror groups are using UNRWA vehicles, schools and even UNRWA workers for terrorism. Many Hamas terrorists are also UNRWA workers, or UNRWA ambulance drivers or even teachers.

Some Israeli hostages gave testimonies stating that an UNRWA teacher was actually the Palestinian that held them captive during part of the time they were held hostage in Gaza. Videos and images of killed Hamas terrorists with UNRWA ID cards (badges) have also been seen by the world since this war began.

It seems that we are finding out more and more about how Hamas has infiltrated UNRWA and how UNRWA is now a full fledged terrorist operation inside Gaza.